Is Imperius gonna be the last new hero for awhile?


They not “left”, they are moved.
Also LMAO, they removed devs to spare money, sure they will recruit new ones XDDDDDD


Can you actually confirm that, or is it just speculations?


Wow, I didn’t know they are recruiting. Where did you read that?


check the vid :stuck_out_tongue:



Each hero takes about 6 months to 9 months to be worked on before releasing, considering the rate they get released, I think we will get some what decent rate of content before it (I hope not) slow down with the content release.


Open your eyes, or ask any blizz employee, or you ain’t even need to ask them, as there are tons of reports about their crying already, about how Activision wants to spare money and they dindu nuffin anyway…


Yeah, that’s the pr propaganda they spread since ages, and congratulation in eating it…


Have you personally asked any Blizzard employees?

Can you sight your sources please?




Dud you live in a cave? The gaming news was literately full of interviews about these things in the past month, lol…


…Did you read the front page post. They legit say developers are being pulled. It isnt some rumor thats being exaggerated.


Some time ago there was an information that usually the Hero team worked at 6 heroes at a time, meaning every internal version has like 5-6 more heroes than current release version

I guess same could be assumed at this point as well, that a good portion of 4-6 heroes “accumulated” in development but reasonable would be to assume that the team got in half ?, that means 2-3 extra than those released

So yeah, there are at least 4-6 heroes at this very particular moment that are tested/developed internally at HQ, but after that would be safe to assume things would (significantly) slow down

Which is a shame to say the least, all they needed is focus/fix the matchmaker… Doubt there weren’t enough people trying out the game, it’s just that there aren’t enough staying…


where did you read that new people are being recruited


I thought they said the devs who left HotS team were moved to other Blizzard projects?
I don’t see how having a person working on game A instead of game B saves money…

Maybe we’re not thinking about the same announcement…?

@OP: I guess the answer to the title question depends on what you consider “for a while”…
They said here Heroes of the Storm Content Update - December 21 that Imperious will be followed by “a string of cool events and hero reworks en route to the next hero release”, so it sounds to me like Imperius and whoever-is-next will be pretty much the same as the last few have been.

After that, though, the post I linked pretty much says “we’ll see”, so maybe the next one (after Imperius) will be the “last one for a hile”.


Shall I enlighten you?

If you pay 10dev to work on A game, and hire 10more to make B game, then you pay 20 dev monthly.

If you move 5 dev from A to B, and only hire 5more, then you only need to pay 15 dev monthly, saving 5dev worth of salary.


Dud, can you sight your sources already please?


check the video provided in my comment, after the one you replied to.
(You need to extend the quote to see the vid)


Multiple people have noted that they’re hiring specific people for HotS.

This is what happened:

Crappy Leadership: “We’re cancelling HGC and moving a handful of people to other teams.”

Community: “Oh shhhhiiii! This game is dead!”

HotS Team: “No… the experienced devs and upper management are stayi…”

Community: “There will never be heroes or balance patches, this game is going is dead for sure!”

HotS Team: “Here’s a balance patch and the next hero is Impe…”

Community: “DED DED DEDDDD!!111!!”


No the game will still live forever, because we will still play it :slight_smile: