Impossible to move or attack


Since two days, it’s impossible to move or to attack. In game, the mouse cursor is here but the deplacement or selection action doesn’t work and spells neither. Letters Q W E R are not present anymore on each spell button.
This bug come after some serious freezes of the game after what i should restart the pc to close the game.
Somebody has already had this kind of problem ?


Hey DjeDje,

It sounds like your hotkey profile got messed up during the forced restart. Does resetting or creating a new hotkey profile in options solve this issue?

~ Fizivix


Hi Fizivix,

All shortcuts were disabled, i didn’t think about that.
Now it’s working well, thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:



Having a similar problem. The cursor changes when I hover an item that is selectable or not… So sometimes I cannot click an item (open loot create - little mouse vs the larger when on a selectable item). or cast a spell because it does not update my cursor to it being an area something can be selected or releases… major problem when using something sensitive like Nova