Imperious molten armor vs creep


Imp’s Molten Armor skill does not hit and expose Zagara’s creep tumors unlike other similar area effect burns.


Except Molten Core is not AoE? It looks AoE on paper but it basically causes you attack random targets that are in the circle that are revealed, creep isn’t revealedso it doesn’t take damage.

Or is it just his Imp skin variant since you mentioned it in the title.


You have it correct! Imperius Molten Core will only hit revealed/visible targets.


the way it works helps to differentiate it from the “immolation” talent effects several characters have, which helps at revealing Stealth characters and ruining their openers (Valeera specifically)

…while also limiting it as a defensive and sustain mechanic rather than extra AOE damage, which might make him too powerful