Illusion Master cooldown still bugged at 14s

Illusion Master is still not properly setting the image swap/Illusion Master cooldown from 14 to 8 seconds when using keyboard commands to select a clone (2/3) and then swap (using R or D). Only mousing over the clones and then swapping with the main Samuro selected properly sets the cooldown.


Are you that brave soul who posted this on reddit a few times?

Doing the lord’s work.

If your efforts hasten the bugfix by even 1 day, your effort has been valuable to Samuro players.

I personally don’t even want to play him in his current bugged new state, even if I opt for Bladestorm it’s bugged too (it sometimes cancels instantly).

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Karma is but a small price to pay for justice.


Almost a month and this still hasn’t been fixed, and no word from Blizz. That’s concerning.
Having nearly double the cooldown on IM doesn’t feel too great.

Actually a dev did answer about this:

This should come in the next patch, we just don’t know when. According to the same dev, next patch doesn’t have a specific date yet or they do and he just can’t tell us:

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