I thought we are getting new hero roles?


It has been more or less two months since the messy conclusion of Blizzcon but the new hero role system is still nowhere to be found. I am not complaining on the new ‘cadence’ of the game, but I am not happy about the new hero page on their official website. Instead of using the new categorisation (Tank, Bruiser, Healer, Support, Melee and Range), the new webpage still embrace the old WHAS system. I don’t know how much time and effort was wasted on writing the new arguably better looking hero page with the old hero roles, but it feels very redundant if they are going to change it soon.


Welcome to the new cadence.


They’re probably waiting until the event is over, since it uses the old classes quite heavily. The new classes are already implemented though, at least in Quick Match. You can tell by the Call of the Nexus not applying to Tassadar or any heroes who are moving to Bruiser.


I really don’t think changing the roles was as big a deal as many seemed to think it.

People will still pick whoever they want anyway regardless of what they label them. Whether it suits the comp or not… always have, and I don’t really see it changing much.


I’m actually glad they haven’t changed the hero roles yet, though I think it might come with the Imperius Patch. And the hero roles don’t matter much at all, it’s just so that newer players can understand hero roles better but if they’re sticking to the original concept, it wouldn’t do much to solve the problems we have now, especially since they’re just dumping all the Ranged Assassins together with Mages and heroes like Probius. And Murky’s a Melee Assassin btw.


Not really, this part was always average. Every major game play change was implemented over the following year, with each new season.

We won’t be seeing the new cadence for quite a bit.


Probably even later, though.
A couple reasons why I say this:

  1. Like @MurlocAggroB said, the event uses the old class system, but in the “Content Update” post (found here Heroes of the Storm Content Update - December 21 ), they said the event will be extended until february.
  2. In the same post, “Finalizing the Hero Role overhaul” is pointed under “things they’re currently discussing”, so it’s not final yet (or wasn’t 2 weeks ago, when that was posted).


I’m glad that things aren’t finalized yet, because there was a lot wrong with the one they had proposed, thanks for updating me on that!