I have a question for the devs

They vent all the time on their personal twitters … they not gonna vent on here that will cost them thier jobs

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Thats very likely given how many companies are now.

I just hope they know that their work is appreciated and that there isnt as much negative in the game as what certain people make out sound to be .

They probably do it a bit, but not using an employee account.

i knew there was something very fishy about you.


I wonder if they will at least read this post and answer you.

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I’ll bite.

One of the things that sometimes makes me sad as a developer, and I think any person who works in a public, creative space can attest to this, is when people assume that we’re completely incompetent or have the worst intentions with a change that we try to make to improve the game.

It can be saddening to work on a project for a long time to only see discussion devolve into assuming we have the worst intentions or haven’t put any real care into what we put out. The people here are incredibly passionate and our internal discussions almost always come back to what we think will make the most fun, best game possible, and seeing those efforts be translated into statements like “they just don’t care about the game” can be disheartening.

Anyone who knows me can attest that I have pretty thick skin, but even i’ll admit that the job at times is harder than expected due to how easy it can be to be sucked into negativity, particularly if you spend too much time and effort reading into opinions on the internet.

Constructive feedback is fine, and when used properly is an important tool for improving your craft, but too much negativity is infectious, and when it’s your life’s work that you’re reading about day and and day out it takes a conscious effort to have proper perspective so that you don’t get sucked into having an overly negative outlook.


You are an MVP, AZ! Thank you for posting here (relatively) often!



The Murky Portrait.

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Let’s say you work 6 months on a project; this involved a lot of man hours, a lot of conversation, and a series of mutually exclusive decisions (if we do option A, we can’t do option B). You work hard on this thing, your intentions are good, and your concern for the experience of the player is genuine.

At the end of the process, you make announce the project… and it doesn’t go over well. The forums go nuts: “Why didn’t they do x? Why did they decide to implement y?” While the product you made may be pretty cool, maybe it wasn’t necessarily what the customers asked for.

Do you think this is an inevitable result of the “game as a service” model inherent to MOBAs? Other games are generally judged by the product on release, but you guys are also judged by your ongoing service to fans.

What role do you think communication has to play in this? Do you think documenting your decisions would adequately explain to fans why certain decisions were made, or do you think that would just open you up to more criticism?


Arizona Jackson, back at it again!

Can I make you smile with the biggest compliment, the fact I have played over 1300 levels?
I cant speak for the rest but you gave me some amazing moments!! And I made some great real life friends because of this game. And might I say my role collums are really balanced

(Sorry kara I am tired will try to figger the format later)


Now if only the Overwatch team would listen to constructive feedback like you guys do

Stay Peachy guys you all got this we’re here with ya till the end.


People are evil because you still do not open/show the MMR to us - a lot of weak players are still playing upstairs where they don’t belong, and games in one gate 90% of all games, didn’t add clans, didn’t fix abuse of the reporting system. And this is for 5 years.

A huge thanks AZ for your comment !

Honestly the fact that your repplied back to this means alot !
I have no doubt in beleiving you and all the people you work with are as passionate as you say about what you’re doing , and trust me. It shows in your work .

Unfortunally there will always going to be ungrateful people/customers/players about something regardless of how well it was made or polished, thats just society nowdays saddly :sweat: .

But just keep in mind that those people arent the true representation of your player base , and that there are many players who enjoys the game you have all worked on and maked of what it is today ! And for that i thank you all for it ! ( i dont know their name so could you pass the message ? XD )

Just so you know this post wasnt to bait any special reaction or anything but just to truly hear from the other side , i mean we are all humans…( protoss ,zergs and panda for some lol ) but i thought it would be insightful for our side to see that the people working the game we love are actually people just like us . and maybe it will open their eyes and make them realise that you do actually care about the game and they just arent realising that moving between lanes with 10hp isnt a good thing when theres an enemy genji around .

Like anything that involves creating content , Are there going to be difference of oppinions here and there ? Of course ! I mean theres forumers here i get along well ( at least i think so xD ) and we have different oppinions about things . karabars is one of them .

There are times we have different point of views about things but we still have high respect for each other . im the crazy guy who would love to see friendly fire in this game and made arguments onto why it would be awesome and how it would change the whole dynamics of the game but he made good arguments for why it wouldnt be good but thats ok and i fully respect that. ( altough im still going to keep suggesting it from time to time, our debate will never end friend ! lol xD ) . not everyone has the same deffinition of what is fun . my version is slightly more chaotic , thats all lol.

Anyway , all that to say even if we complain more than we tend to praise or compliment your work , id love you all to know your work is greatly appreciated amongst this community :+1: !


We all know you guys work very hard to balance, make changes etc.

But my biggest pet peeve is that devs and Blizzard in general across all games is guilty of this, if a hero is reworked or a change doesn’t sit right with the player base, the change ISN’T REVERTED back then the devs goes back to the drawing board.

This happened with DVA (OW) now with Whitemane etc…

Blizzard has a tendency to stay on their high horse and not admit fault whether its verbally, text or through game changes.

Mistakes happen, its ok, the public will appreciate Devs even more. But to keep digging a hole doesn’t look so well in your side.

For example: The Sonic Movie…


How To Shorten Your Lifespan 101


I agree the Devs do work hard. I’ve even read interviews and confirmed news update when HOTS team were full, they had their hands full and everything, and how saddened and stressed they were from time to time. Imagine now with less help but with constant backlashes. I’ve been around from the start and you can see their passion flaring to being winded time and time again. I believe it wasn’t their incompetence, but rather Activision getting their greedy hands involved. Activision rushed it and ruined it. Imagine if HGC wasn’t shutdown and just stuck for this year, heroes were coming out and Deathwing being announced. How good that would’ve played out in an HGC match that will never be. It may not be much, but I will always support these guys whole-heartedly, and they always try to balance around average players in different ranks and tune them to what it needs it to be.

Their intentions is always correct as well, and most of the balance is fine. One of my fav balances to this day is Chromie, CHENNED, Rhegar and Tyrande. Sometimes balancing can be confusing. Like they gave Rehgar an insane buff that should break a healer that was ALREADY AT THE TOP. people talked of it awhile, then nothing, but every other hero they complain about sticks. They might as well give him wolf form crit 999999 and people would still whine about Whitemane. So how do you people work sometimes?

They should never balance anything just because people are complaining about something. At first something may look OP or UP but when you look at it in proper context it quickly turns out to be ok or simply a L2P issue due to lack of experience .


Well it seems like you don’t care because you take 1 year to fix a bug and people notice it.

It would be a much different story if you gave us nothing to complain about.

Not trying to be mean, just saying what i think is true, don’t take this as an offense.

People will ALWAYs be able to complain about something .