I cant even quantify the loss of skins, mounts and whatever

I just noticed today after in a ranked game I selected Kerrighan, Malthael ecc ecc that skins and mounts disappeared, same problems with Leoric and at this point as Im reading throughout the forum seems a common problem for many.
Im really disappointed I spent different hundreds of eruos without to count the gems shard golds whatever invested…

Blizzard, now Im FURIOUS.

Could I please get contacted from some1 or anything will be forgotten and ignored?

Best regards

Hey Marticus,

This issue was resolved as of Monday’s patch. If you are still seeing issues with Skins or Mounts being removed, you will need to go through Customer Support, as we do not have the ability to verify the content that is or should be unlocked on your account here.

If you are referring to the Ranked issues specifically, then we are currently investigating that as well and would just ask for patience while we try to figure out what is happening here, and find a safe fix that we can do. I apologize for this inconvenience while we work through this issue!

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Thanks By now, I will follow your suggestions.

Best regards