How To Make HOTS Grow

Ah yes, the Games Workshop model.

Honestly I’d just rather have super marked up versions existing skins that can be recolored to the player’s preference. Like for example, the recolorable version of the original base model would be Epic at least.

Although they would need rarities beyond Legendary for the marked-up versions of Legendaries.

It is simple man the answer is mm, it is the most terrible and nefarious of this game and so far they do not fix it, they do not pronounce themselves about it, always but whenever you play you play games in which you already lose by composition.

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Good evening.

(First of all, I prefer to specify that I am French, and that my English will be an approximate English corrected by Google Translate.) Sorry for the many mistakes that will probably happen.)

I read half (mostly the most interesting and relevant answers other than some defeatist and meaningless message, such as

Why do you hold on? It’s a dead game now.

No interest in reading that.

The most relevant answers are the most complete of what I have seen.

Talking about gameplay, graphics, it’s exactly the points to discuss.

But now, several months before the ball in the foot arrives, I discussed a lot of this kind of problem:

  • horrible matchmaking.

  • Community more toxic than anything else.

  • Non-signaling system.

  • End-of-season rewards that are almost troll. (Really, I am given a crabmold and 1,000 poor gold for investing heavily in the ranked?
    precision: I know, I’m not the center of interest, but I think there are a lot of people who have the same thinking as me about it, and not that about Hots, even Overwatch, the system of reward is to die of laughter.

I’m not at all, but not at all a fan of blizzard (and yet, Blizzard in France is mostly appreciated.) But it must be admitted, that Blizzard has a lot of trouble rewarding his players who cling to their games. And that’s a very dark point in my opinion.)

  • -The difficulty to get a character that you want (As said above, most characters cost 10,000 gold, and it is extremely long.The argument of “It is achievable easily.” Does not work, Farm money is not, but not at all fun, okay, the quest system is not working (completing its overwatch quests while playing TLV is still very funny.) And its easy access to the golds But, let’s be serious, two minutes after getting your 10,000 gold, you will have to re-get it if you want to have another character.

It’s not fun. It’s just boring, even if get “10 000 gold is easy.

After all these points, a few weeks later, the game announces that it will slow down its development.

When I read this topic, I can only have hope, we are attending a solidarity group of all those who really love the game.

In other words, we are seeing a Revival of Hots potential. (Melee reference if you do not get it.)

In France, we already have people who make their necessary to have a competitive regularity on the game.
I do not know if from your side there is something similar, but I hope so.

I also hope that this topic will be seen by some developer who is worried about the future of their game.

Thank you for creating this topic, I see a solidarity and unique dedication.

Good evening to you all.



You’re almost four years too late to actually bother to give Blizzard advice that they will not listen to.

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Bad matchmaking is a problem, yes, but League of Legends had terrible matchmaking for about two years and it still managed to grow. Part of the problem with the matchmaker is that not enough people are playing and the ones that are don’t always have the character that they want available to them for play.

I also hope this very much. An ideal situation would be a developer responding to the topic to prove that they’re paying attention, and I hope something like that happens soon.

Thank you for your thoughts! There were some strange phrases, but your post was very readable.

Maybe. But there’s no harm in trying, yeah?

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This is an enormous increase in Purchasing Power and, while it’s not everything that I wanted out of Step 2, it’s about 75% of it. Here’s to hoping that the rest of the Steps get similar coverage (or at least a Blue post saying “we hear you”).


Is there cliff notes, I respect your efforts but for me TL; DR

The Steps are broken up into sections: Features, Problems, Solutions, and Justifications. Features are what we already know, Problems are also what we already know, Solutions are my suggestions on how to fix the Problems, and Justifications are explaining why I feel the Solutions would be effective. I’m guessing what you’re looking for is just the suggested Solutions, which are:

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But more go than come :stuck_out_tongue: I know a lot of people who quit HotS because it is just boring. I played since the first day of the beta, at the beginning it was fun but now it’s over. I’m not even interessted in testing new heroes anymore.

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  1. Reduce q times by combining TL and HL

  2. Ban only AFK where they are AFK for say 10 games in a row at the start for most of the game and just use silence for salty people where they can still talk to their friends. Kicking off all the salty people has ruined the game and destroyed the player base with no new people joining to replace the leavers.

  3. Like Hearthstone, reduce the grind it takes to move up on lower levels. For example on silver and bronze, you only have 3 ranks to move up.

So for example you do 3 ranks in bronze, and you finally make silver and then you can’t fall back just like in Hearthstone, you move 3 ranks at a time and for example once you get to rank 15 you can’t fall back to rank 16.

Considering Blizzard owns both of these games, I don’t know why you can’t implement this change.

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The moral of the story is that HOTS doesn’t offer enough to the player to hook them and keep them hooked when all it has to do is make things more available. If it can manage to change that, then it’ll succeed in the long-term - just like its competitors have.

how many times do you people have to be told flat out the reason people don’t play anymore is the ban bot abuse? the game is in death spiral because league of inbreds and overwatch players aka the same communities demanded a ban bot with hots 2.0 which alpha players explititly told the first dev team would lead to all of this.


you have a ban wave. k everythings fine still plenty of players

5 ban waves alter. a huge chunk of the people who try are now banned for “flaming” -what a joke these snowflakes are-

now you have a mm that isn’t workin g right that needs to be changed that’s making people mad

another 5 ban waves praobly less now

same problem trash mm again because the people who care and actually try and again banned by feeder trolls who grief.

it just repeats over and over until there is nothing blizzard can do with out unbanning people that where banned over retarded bs and even then it wouldn’t matter as long as the ban bot stays since they are done now between this game overwatch and league of legends.

blizzard was told in alpha. the first dev team took it to heart. then 2,0 happened. I have several friends that where alpha testers this is exactly what lead to them being banned. eventually no matter how chill you are you get the ban hammer it took them 2-3 years in game for them to finally say enough.

you are basically playing a dead game with the people who are the problem and killed it at this point.

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Which is why we need HOTS to be easier to get into (see: Step 1).

Considering that they announced this at Blizzcon, I’m hoping this happens sooner rather than later.

This would run into the problem where you get people who make it to Rank X and then don’t fight to maintain Rank X. The solution would be to rely more heavily on MMR and have the Rank just be a number, but that begs the question of why you have the Ranks in the first place.

Do you have a source for that? I would love to see some evidence of those claims.

You know, I feel I can get pretty nasty during HOTS matches: getting on to people for playing recklessly, telling them to die less often, giving them a hard time for taking bad talents or Heroics, so on and so forth. I’m level 1150 (almost none of those levels being boosted by a stimpack 'cause I’m poor and unlucky) and I haven’t even been Silenced yet. I hear an awful lot of how easy it is to get Silenced or Banned in this game and honestly, I’m starting to think that the problem is just the people who got Silenced or Banned - not the system.

I think a better tactic would be getting more new blood in the system than unbanning toxic old blood, but you do you.

Which was a big mistake IMO.

Basic problem is that your PERSONAL rank determine OTHER 4players…
Simple if you play very well and have best dmg,exp,etc. from all 10 players but have one AFK/troll/noob in your team = you lost SAME rank point that players with 0 dmg, etc. SAD story!

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They need to fix the engine with all that money they’ve got. This game has no anti aliasing, how stupid is that!? The coding is poor and Blizzard games kill your hardware. This game uses more resources than Crysis 3 does at 4k which is just stupid.

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you don’t understand how this works everone of you don’t which is why you refuse to acknowledge the actual issue…

im trying to find the streamers name but there was a streamer that was banned 2ish years ago the devs had to manually un ban him his viewers wanted to test the system and mass reported it lierally doesn’t matter what you do there are only 2 condition for a ban

enough people reported you.
enough people are brats and as a result couldn’t handle anything you said up to gg just gg no gg ez and reported you.

this is why more people leave then stay I doubt blizzard would leave alpha posts up I can search the one guy and see if I see anything since I know hes banned he was a irl friend who was just a try hard who feel victim to this nonsense and handt had any issues until a year after 2.0 was in full swing for the above reasons he started having issues.


ya I cant find the guys posts which means they where removed this is the same garabge league of legends and riot games pulls and large chunck of the player base after 2.0 was from overwatch meaning league of legends players if you weren’t watching the streamers move when overwatch came out then I cant help you

as for the streamer who was a false ban im still looking for it.

ive been flagged about 20 odd times and had this account constantly put on hold cause the trolls im referring to think its funny or cant handle the truth doesn’t really matter which. I personally liked this game I find it unplayble for the same reasons I find league of legends and overwatch unplayable.

remember facebook who recently got flagged for false bans and lost stock value? or the youtube drama about this.

its not made up it does happen far to often even. again all that matters with these ban bots is how many people report you which means the more you play the more likely you are to be banned. if you saw some of the brain dead statements ive seen you would feel the same disgust me and my friends feel for these cancer cells.

in hots for example there is hl tl unranked qm and whats it called. the bs player vs npc mode.

all of my friends told me they saw this is so if you play ranked I know yo have seen it

“im here for fun teehee”

we got tl unranked qm and the edit in brawl it was called brawl that took way to long. and you choose hl aka ranked to “have fun”

do you not see the problem with that? “blizzard has no intention of even thinking about removing these game ruiners” is how my best friend put it.

he intentionally got his ban and if yoy wanted to test it I remember reading you could just report your main with alts over and over and verify it. long in over and over don’t play on the alts at all and just report the main while only playing on the main. youll get one soon enough as long as you remember to use the chat for little stuff. like gj gg and ty

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This game NEED reset MMR button! Simple reset to same position in matchmaking of a new account, not need global reset but individual reset is sufficient… Becose is bad if alt account have top diamand a and same player SAME SKILL have in other account silver…

How do you figure out a smurf from a main account?

How To Make HOTS Grow?
Give players freedom of speech and dont silence people for trash talk. When people dont like what the other Dudes are saying we have the fuction in this game call “mute”.
Prohibiting people from talking has never helped a system.
So please delete this stupid reporting system in which the talking is punished.

People are denied freedom of speech and that from a developer from the USA holy molly