How many years does it take to fix MM

Play with friends win most of your games Feelsgoodman. Due to forced 50% winrate. Play by yourself with high MMR get complete trashcans on your team. (This refers to ARAM and QM) The alternative is to play on a smurf account and just beat up other bad players because the game thinks your new. I am not saying I have the perfect solution but at least try! Master player with over 12,000 games so I have seen the good, bad and ugly.


Well for a start there is no MMR used in ARAM. As for QM, few would deny the MM isn’t good. What can be done? The playerbase is on the decline, many regular players are taking breaks due to the slow down in content.

No such thing, this is a myth.


Well for a start there is no MMR used in ARAM.

No such thing, this is a myth.

I am pretty sure ARAM does have MMR and there is a 50% forced winrate, you call it a myth. Do you have evidence or just speculation like me?

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Yes and No. There is no “you’ve won now you need to lose, let’s match you with potatoes” but in a perfect world you would have a 50% win rate because there would be lots of balanced matches. AZjackson put out a post trying to explain it a while ago.

To be honest I feel this way sometimes and I’m sure it does match you with potatoes because they’re on a winning streak as well.

Now I definitely think the Match maker needs work but 2 issues. 1 we don’t have the the population to have an effective Match maker, 2 because of the 1st issue they will never fix it I’m afraid.

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Here you go no forced 50%, from the former lead developer:

ARAM does not use any MMR, they have always said so. This is why you can have a five stack GM team vs a Bronze team in ARAM.


You beat me to it Minky

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Well the OP isn’t wrong that MM isn’t working well, but what they are specifically complaining about is either wrong, or a myth.

Сan fix it quickly. The developers simply do not want to, or they are not competent, especially given the unhealthy modern Western agenda on quotas, or they are not given such instructions.

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There isn’t even a dedicated HOTS Dev team (HOTS is part of the Blizzard Classic games) and who says they don’t want to fix many things? If they don’t get the resources to make change, it doesn’t matter how much they want affect change.

This may be just one of the reasons. Why rip a piece out of a sentence? I never understood this, because the general meaning is lost. Especially in English.

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That wasn’t my intention, the second sentence of your post seemed to be speaking to the same themes, but fair call, apologies.

I feel kind of feel bad though when people complain about the current team, their hands are pretty much tied if they don’t have the budget to do anything.

Well, personally, I’m not complaining, but just trying to make the reasons based on logic.

P.s. It seems that they know me on this forum as a person who loves brevity. Honestly, sometimes I am even surprised that I am Russian, because we think no longer with our heads, but with our hearts, and we do not have the same rational thinking as others. :rofl:

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Ok so I read what the Dev had to say and he litterily said “The forced 50% win rate discussion is weird and complicated because it’s both true and not true at the same time”

Let me give you a little insight into what I am talking about. So I am a very good player not trying to be a jerk, Im just clarifying to make my point. Lets say my MMR when I play solo is 3000? When I play with my friends who are diamond/master players and we win almost every game my MMR shoots up to 3500. So when the system is trying to balance a game with a limited player base I have 1500 MMR players feeding their butt off vs lets say 2500 MMR players there is no way you can carry that much weight. Again I am not saying I have some grand solution to fix the problem I just would like someone to try since I am not the first one to cry about the MM.

Now as for them saying they don’t have MMR in ARAM I am very thankful you linked me that post from a Dev do you have one where they talk about ARAM MMR aswell?

There are too many individual factors in this game that all add up. What you are asking for is unrealistic.


Its unrealistic for them to TRY to fix things? As I said in my last post I am far from the first person to complain about the MM system.

It seems to me that thou do not quite understand what “50%” means. As I have already written on this forum many times, it is not the numbers that matter, but what is happening. What happens is that the bulk of all games is a swing with a difference of 2-4 levels between teams, when one team is obviously stronger than the other. To system don’t need complicated calculations to twist these matches. The system is sufficient: the number of games of each player, the percentage of their wins / losses, how often they leave the game and are fed. All. Ruzultat is known, with rare exceptions, or rather accidents, like comebacks.

P.s. I am silent about those who play only 10 games per season and real GML players.

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I fix it a few months ago. I stopped playing to give you a chance to win some games.

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It is futile to try. You may argue how LOL and DOTA do it better, but what you don’t understand is that the level of character customization in those games is far greater, meaning you can build your hero to overcome certain obstacles easier.

In fact it’s just the same if not worse. In HOTS what you perceive as difference in skill when it comes to matchmaking will guarantee the game to last far below average expected times, whereas in competitor titles you won’t realize how far behind you actually are until 30 minutes into the match.

There are matchmaking, draft and personal performance factors for 10 entities on the map, so when I said how your expectations were unreal this is what I meant. In essence, each titles offers an unique gameplay experience which you may ultimately like or despise.

Now, imagine that everyone in the entire game has a MMR of 1, meaning that everyone has the same skill level. If we play an infinite amount of games, then everyone will eventually have a win rate of 50%, since their skill is the same. The 50% win rate of those players isn’t the matchmaker punishing those who have win or loss streaks, it’s just a natural consequence of the matchmaker working properly.

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I feel that player base on decline has more to do with MM quality than MM themselves. I’m no statistician but I’m pretty sure larger pool creates more accurate results.

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I agree with you, but many people don’t want to consider this as a factor, or outright deny it. The more shallow the player pool to draw from, the worse the MM gets. It’s a bit of a vicious cycle right now, many leave as they feel MM is bad, which means it will get worse.

I honestly wasn’t knocking the OP, I know the issues with the MM. Putting it down to things like “forced 50” or saying that ARAM using MMR, well both are false and aren’t going to address the problem.