How can people say that winrate is not enforced?

This is so obvious in OW and HOTS!

The games are decided before they begin by setting up massive skill stacks or poor composition. I have 895 games played and 446 wins. Pretty much exactly 50% to within a game!

I know the Blizzdrones will say this is the sign of a working mmr, but a) when literally 80% of my games are total stomps and b) the win streaks and loss streaks are a pattern like clock work. The funny thing is that I had the same experince with HS and OW. I genuinely maintain that Blizzard have never been able to setup a genuine matchmaking system, so enforce a 50% winrate by artificially setting up games.

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You prefer having 35-20% winrate? Good to know.
Everyone expects to have 80% winrate but reality would be way different.
Do not pretend people do not quit because of some lose streak.

Also we all had even games that looked like stomps because of a big mistake at the worst moment that snowballed because the other side followed through the advantage hard.


But how do people climb then :mask:

Well, I’m at 49% now and the game just gave me a stack of massively overleveled players on my team. I know this game is a win before it starts.

How do you explain the Bronzes with 32% lifetime winratio and players like Fan who have 72% then?


okay bud.

Here is AZJackson with a post on this:


There are nothing to explain. bad people will stay in bronze while people who train himself to get better will climb the rank ladder. Thats how it is. You dont get master ranks served on a silver plate unless you are boosted.

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This. Please read the note by AZJackson about MMR and how its calculated.

What’s hard to understand about law of averages? After 10k or more solo games I’m barely a few points above 50%. Everyone will experience crazy imbalanced games but you can easily increase your success rate by grouping up. I can easily increase this to 60% average or more by playing together with someone reliable.

Few days ago I literally won 30 brawls in a row with one friend, after which I lost 10 games on Alexstrasza. You know, playing QM drunk at 5 am and people don’t understand groupping up for the heal.

The biggest issue I have is with separate MMR for different game modes. Ranked games are still a mess after five years considering there is decay involved but I’m noticing drastically higher skill average in my QM games despite people struggling to make the most out of dysfunctional compositions.


I can only speak for myself (i’m giving myself the benefit of being “good” given I was mid-low diamond multiple times in HL) but I fled from ranked once SL happened.

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Man I wish 50% winrate was a thing…

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Those statements can’t both be true.

Player level really doesn’t mean much.


I had like high win % when I was in Bronze EU and kept climbing in rank until plat where I have 63% currently.
Here on US I’m at around 54% in diamond.
According to the system, I belong in diamond, and should expect to get around a 50% win rate when I’m there. It doesn’t “force” me to have a 50% win rate in bronze, it slowly pushes me toward a rank where I should expect to have a 50% win rate.

Among my matches sometimes I get higher ranked players (on either team) which is either the system just putting who is available (within a range) to get a match going, or testing to see if the result it expects is what actually happens.

Win rate is not enforced.
Though the match maker could be better, in my opinion, if it took some of your performance into account, rather than just basing it off if you win or lose.
They “tried it” but they only went with stupid numbers that could be inflated, a system that could be abused. The outcome of a match depends on a lot more than just damage done or kills… like revealing enemies in bushes with an ability so an ally doesn’t face check them and die.

AZJackson has stated that the idea of the matchmaker forcing you to win or lose based on streaks is false.

Source: Plz explain the 50% win rate to me:

The issue is that you are that player who should not be in bronze, you are the one the Matchmaker uses to give bad players their 50%. If you are diamond or plat playing in Bronze, the system has failed and you are not where you belong and are just creating imbalanced games.

I have this account hardstuck in gold1-plat4 with ~50% winrate, my smurf (which is now my main I guess?) has a 70% winrate over 3 seasons in diamond. Clearly, My Gold account is stuck there because of the matchmaker…

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It’s interesting how people can understand the concept of “50% chance of winning” and come to the wrong conclusion of: “I’m forced to lose and win 50% of the time.”

The game tries to give you the most fair game it can give you. It’s not trying to force you into 50% winrate.


The MM will not be able to give you healthy allies, but will only try to distribute people around same rank against eachother. Say it again… it wont calculate or predict what mental state these players will be in when it distributes so you could by chance get the unstable allies with lesser experience in your team.

The chance that something like that happens is almost like a 50/50 coin flip. However… Sometimes the coin doesn’t land on either heads or tails but it lands in the middle… Standing… THAT’S when you get a good even match where both teams go sweat and tears and one team finally becomes a winner with struggle. Also for me persoanlly most enjoyable matches, win or lose.

Here’s a tip; Check what heroes are the most popular or broken atm and master that hero, then pick it in almost every match. This way u will always have high value and increase the chance that you climb.

Climbing around Platinum - Diamond is mostly luck for the reasons i stated above til you get to higher ranks where people know where to be and what to do more consistently.

One way you can solve this is ask yourself ‘why would they force everyone to have a 50% win rate?’ They’re trying to maintain balanced games, not force people to win or lose because what benefit would that gain for anyone?

That’s probably a bad idea.

Telling conspiracy theorists to explain why their conspiracy theory is “correct” doesn’t solve the issue.


Problem is the game doesn’t know what “fair” is.