Heroes of the Storm Balance Patch Notes - February 1, 2022

Heroes of the Storm Balance Patch Notes - February 1, 2022

Heroes of the Storm has just been updated with Hero balance changes! Read on for details.

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Hopefully some of the minor buffs doesnt lead to big nerfs again

I’m also find it suprising Johanna wasnt nerved and while of the minor tanks like Malganis remain meh


Nova updates! itsbeen84years.gif (just 3 but still)


ok i get the nerfs for tracer but where are the buffs for her other talents?

why nerf untouchable? literally terrible talent to be picked her 13 has like one pick and that gets a respectful nerf but really?

Genji buffs? This is a surprise.


Nova buffs are good, but where is waveclear for basic abilities on early levels before Q at 16?

They reduced CD of PS, so they are actually telling me I must use ult to waveclear?!



Rehgar and Stukov nerfs but no nerf to Johanna ???
Guess they are fine with her being nr 1 ban for 3 months more.


60+% winrate and high banrate means she is fine
~ Hots dev


Look on the bright side. They buffed Malth. With whole 0.25 % :joy:


I like Genji buffs.

This is nice, since there was no real reason to go that over swift strike mov speed. Now you can go this with Q build and hit easier shingans.

This is nice but I don’t see it being a choice when you have agile dismount and switf as the wind. Honestly? Just make this talent give him stealth for 2 seconds after a swift strike takedown. Now we have reasons to pick that (against targeted CC or AA heroes).

Just a nice buff overall. Earlier quest is nice since you would usually finish it around level 13+, now I think you can finish it around level 10. Extra charge just is an extra shingan, so that’s also nice.

I think I’ve even said that before, both talents could be merged into 1. Still don’t think it’s best than cdr or shield.

This is good since the damage of steady blade wasn’t enough compared to Final Cut.

Nice buff but still not competitive enough against both ult upgrades. If they make swift strike refund grant all 3 charges back, then we talk a nice competitive talent for level 20 against both ult upgrades.

Overall nice. Hope they don’t forget about him for another 2-3 years and keep doing some minor buffs here and there.


Pretty nice patch overall.

  • Genji getting that much needed talent variation but Sharpened Stars still not worth taking
  • Pulse Generator nerf to unsatisfactory number of 18% is confusing
  • Greymane getting healing, kind of
  • Nova getting a buff to global wave clear
  • Yrel is love

Its actually really great but I fear that buffs lead up to nerfs like Auriel

Greymane’s lvl 4 makes him a good split pusher sinds it doesn’t say it works only vs heroes but vs everything

Insatiable [W]
    Additional functionality: Basic Attacks during Inner Beast reduce Healing Fountain’s cooldown by .5 seconds.

i havent read the post but i just hope they buff butcher a lil bit…

Was gonna say, RIP Azmo, even if you were not really alive/viable in the first place, after that, but then they buffed his AA globe talents. Interesting. I find AA globe to be more fun to play (outside of ARAM), but that was still some time ago, last time I played Azmo even in QM. Looking forward to how it will turn out.

And of course, Nova 7 Q talent buff :+1:

We’ll have to see. While the extra Trait-Damage is good, I’m not convinced that this makes him broken. He is after all one of the more mediocre Bruisers on the roster. They even nerfed Memento Mori to circumvent the problem of him suddenly becoming OP.


Developer Comment: Similar to Greymane, Nova has generally been in a good spot with her talents, with a few exceptions. We’re looking to stabilize some of her talents with changes to Perfect Shot and Advanced Cloaking, so they’re dependable in a wider range of situations.

Is it Christmas yet?! My favorite blonde girl got some changes…

Keep up the good work, devs. Sadly no Butcher buffs yet.

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Only people who main him will complain about the nerfs. I’m fine about him getting another nerf casue he is too easy to get high dmg with and people in ARAM will properly complain less about him.

And demonic invasion getting aother nerf is just a punch in the face for everyone who play the suicidal part of him. Just throw your ult and watch forts melt casue the minions do way too much pve dmg and the ult itself is rarely used in teamfights anyway so i’m glad they doubled the pvp dmg of the minions.


Nothing too exciting but I hope we receive such small adjustments more often. I like Probius’ Pylon cooldown reduction through mineral collection. Fearful he might become too scary because of how cannon oriented his builds tend to be now (and the attack speed benefit from power grid).

:edit misread diablo change

but i hate it.

add utility to him!!!
malthael already has enough damage, i would rather you guys REMOVE 0.25 damage from him, but add a lot more utility to his talents!!!
a very small example is his level 1, death’s reach. (increase W range)
it sucks, i mean i sometimes use it, because i have to. but it SUCKS.
how to buff it? add utility to it. “reduce W cd by 0.5” or “using W heals malthael for 5% his max hp” or idk anything at this point. just give him utility, buff his talents. more damage isnt going to help him be better since he just dies a lot.


Now that I think this more I find it kinda hilarious that they take a bottom tier hero Yrel and are like “This talent is really underwhelming and nobody picks it. Let’s buff it 3%”. Maraad’s Insight still not worth it, the first round of nerfs killed it.