Have you ever seen anything like this?


For some reason I couldn’t upload link/screenshot directly

ht tp s://imgur.com/qGt43IN


Yup, either smurfs or newbies, that’s why i left QM.


How did you do that? And thanks for uploading.

Smurfs, I believe that blizzard created sophisticated smurf finding system and respect for that guys if you see it.
we won it.


Check this post.


“But they are in a party so it’s ok.”


They really can’t do it because they don’t have the requirements to post images, you know, that Trust Level nonsense.

But they can make their links to the image preformatted with this button which also works.


I just played a game with 2 lvl 25s and and a lvl 69. I asked if they were smurfs, but they said no. We ended up stomping the enemy team. lol


that happens when you take so long in the queue it couldn’t find enough people near your level online etc… happened to me like half hour solo queue once and i ended up with fresh meat team only difference is i wasn’t butcher


I think that people from different games like LoL are moving towards hots.
That would explain how they can play and not be smurfs.

Anyway why would anyone on a smurf account tell you that it’s a smurf? :smiley:


Is LoL in that bad state?


There are a few who ask how to play their “champion,”. Other times I insisted that it wasn’t always a brawl and objectives win games.
I’m not really tough on these guys, I just point towards the direction we are needed to be. Some are pretty good at fighting, but horrible at the macro soaking game. Which is usually their kryptonite.


I usually get players well below 50 on my side vs players well over 500 on opponent side


Yes I have.
nine characters