Got leverstatus becuse of athors inativite

we (me and my wife)got leaver status when Another player did not prepick a hero, and wehad pick chogall, it was only one open slot at the time (Before mid ban,we had first pick)

so now we lost Point and need to play qm to get rid of leverstatus

idk why you keep making this thread when it is already obvious you cannot spend 1 hero slot to lock in 2 heroes

this is not a bug

you cannot fp chogall before mid ban if your team has first pick, because cho and gall are 2 heroes

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we have first pick, we lock one, then it was the others theams turn, then one of us lock a hero, so one lock one left to lock that turn, totaly 3 slot left to fill.
but one in our team had not prepick, he was afk, but me and my partner who have prepick and could pick next time it was our turn 2 pick got punnisch
and both of us was higly aktiv
its not that we not could lock or that the game was abortet, it is that we got leaverstatus and lose rank Point thats is the problem

Hey melvin,

Cho’gall must be picked in a round where you have two picks available. If you only have one pick available, then Cho and Gall are classified as unavailable picks. If time runs out and no one is hovering a valid pick, or selects a valid pick for that last slot, then the draft will be terminated and leavers given to those not hovering valid picks.

yes but its not our fault he was afk and not pick
but u Think is okej to be aktiv and be blame for when other screw up
but if i have a hero who been ban yhen u chose one for me insted and thats is alright in your opinion