Game Did not start after loading

A bug that affected every ten players in the game.
At the beggining of a ranked game, after the bans and loading screen, none of our heroes spawned and we all stuck in an empty base. I heard the announcer’s voice and I saw the minions spawning. We all waited for a long time and than closed the game. I estimate that enemy team experienced the same. When everything is resetted, I lost planty of rank points and one of my friends lost too, he also have a penalty. However, my other friend has no penalty and didn’t lose any rank points. Losing that much rank points due to a game bug made me really annoyed. Please fix that problem and return the ranked points that I lost. Thanks

Exact same issue as us, except it was just a Quick Match. We’re forced to rejoin however. We cannot start a new game at all.

Hey there!

We have some people looking into this now.

What would be a massive help, is if you all could forward us along your GameLogs folder. You can find your GameLogs folder in your Heroes of the Storm folder, usually located in My Documents. It’ll be somewhere like this C:\Users\$USERNAME\Documents\Heroes of the Storm.

UPDATE: Also, if you could attach the replay for the game as well in the email, that would also be a big help!

You can send that directly to me following the information and email address on this thread. Bug Attachment Guidelines