Falstad's Level 1 Talent Dishonorable Discharge is not behaving correctly

The level 1 talent for Falstad, Dishonorable Discharge, is providing quest completion even when not using the ability on heroes.

For example, on Infernal Shrines I (Falstad) was receiving quest completion when targeting the Punisher and when targeting the Fallen Shaman mercenary.

" * Reduce Lightning Rod’s cooldown by 3 seconds, and Takedowns reset its cooldown.

  • Quest: After 3 Lightning Rod strikes, subsequent strikes on enemy Heroes increases its damage by 1%, up to 75%."

I hope that’s not a bug, and it’s the way it’s supposed to be so they just fix the tooltip.

Hey there,

I’m unsure if this is a bug or if it is a tooltip issue, but I’ll investigate!

Thanks for the report!

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Any update?
A couple of amateur leagues are really hoping to get clarification on this <3

A few people believe it should be intended this way, otherwise the stacking will be way too painfull, especially early game before you get the range increase.

Dont forget its almost impossible to stack on ranged assassin as they can obliterate you if you get this close. It wont stack vs any mobile assassin either as they can just get out of the way. And if you get this close to a tank you are prone to be CCed to death with your micro HP on falstad.

Yup they did an unofficial patch and now it only stacks on heroes which makes it extremely hard to stack now…trying to keep some one close enough to strike them 4+ times is insane

that talent is trash anyway