Evidence of stat hacking


I have screenshots that *****, the Falstad from the Sky Temple game 4/11/19 3:06PM was hacking the game.
I watched all game as he auto attacked minions in lane and his Siege Damage numbers were escalating.
I kept checking and checking to make sure there wasn’t any other possible way his numbers could be getting higher, but it was just him, standing in lane, auto attacking minis.

I tried finding any route in which to make direct contact with a GM so I could show them the images and discuss the matter, but this is the best I could find other than being told “report them in game” which in my experience has absolutely no effect.


Siege damage includes damage done to minions, structures… might include mercenaries, not sure.


I’m not sure what he is trying to say either or why he thinks there is a bug related to the tracking of stats. Even if the numbers are incorrectly adding up it does not mean someone is hacking.

OP you might want to edit your post, even if it is a misunderstanding considering it is your first post and you are likely new to the game, you’ll still get suspended for naming and shaming publicly.


Hey SakariRyu,

I’ve edited your post to exclude the name of the player. As GriM mentioned, it is against the forum rules to publicly shame/call out players. If you are still concerned after reviewing the replay again and considering the details above, please send in a replay to our Bug Attachments Inbox with a description and timestamp.

Thank you,
~ Fizivix