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Could you tell me how can i watch this lvl thing?

I should make a thread and link it to here to stop the confusion, brb.


As me :cry:

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I’m gonna take a wild guess and say 5 people have flagged copy’s posts which would prevent him from reaching lvl 3. I just need to read 15k more posts to get lvl 3. Also I’m pretty sure sami is probably the only lvl 3 on the forums and is the only one who can use the hots emojis, which makes this thread rather awkward.

DJPea is too…

Dude, there’s like 15 of us now, you should be more active on our discord lel.

Im just glad I can :-1: people again

I’m glad that you are glad.

Why would anyone flagging Coppy’s posts? I don’t understand. How can somebody disrespect the true love to his waifu?

I’m too dude. I Would like to know how many people dislike what i write. In the past first it was weird, but later i could understand betterly this community and what do they like and dislike.

Wait! When? How? Why?
Just… I’m sorry about him…
Wait a second! Sami! I had one post and it disappeared. What does i mean? It was flaged and removed or just removed by Blizz moders?

Even then I’m not so sure. I meet all of the criteria for Trust Level 3 but it has not been granted.

All support says is “we can’t troubleshoot it.”

I like you, you know that? xD


Overwatch Trust Level 3 flash backs are coming back for me.

How it felt having to read useless posts for 2 hours the other day:



Very good


Now you made her mad.

My favorite emoji is