"Dislike Button Removed"


"## Dislike Button Removed

“The old forums had the dislike button which did not exactly do what was intended. The old dislike button was originally intended for posts that were primarily troll posts (eventually hiding them). However, the dislike button was often used to mark a post that the person simply disliked for whatever reason.”

Isn’t that the whole point, you momo? What a horrible concept. Someone clicking “dislike” on something they actually disliked.

Can you try and come up with a better excuse than that please?
What about this one?

“The old forums had the dislike button which did exactly as was intended. The old dislike button was originally intended for posts that were primarily troll posts (eventually hiding them). However, the dislike button was offending people who posted nonsensical topics and replies and often used to mark a post that a rational person simply disliked because they had a brain in their head.”

[This thread has been locked before discussion could devolve even further. - Forum Moderator]


If you think something is a troll post, then you may flag it. Just because a thread disagrees with you doesn’t make a troll thread. It wasn’t a “dislike” button, it was downvote button.


There’s a thread with 450 posts of downvote removed discussion that you can add up to


In before infamous forum trolls come in to post how they love the removal.


What happened to disliking something in your head and not letting the world know about it? And if you absolutely want the world to know about your discontent, why hide it behind such an abusable anonymous system?

Spell it out as you are doing here, as it is much more effective than simply one-clicking a button when it comes to communicating… you know, like humans instead of catering to some automated algorithm.


You can find the source in that first post under the section “Other Forum Features”


Where was that quote from?


I would also love to know that, link or pic of a dev saying it would suffice.


There’s a flag feature, which requires 3 clicks now… is 2 clicks more that troublesome, or did you want the hivemind to publicly see the tally of downvotes and join the herd mentality to satisfy the negativity in your soul?


I don’t like your toxic attitude and view towards the dislike feature. There feature wasn’t toxic, the people that got bent out of shape and viewed anyone disagreeing with them as toxic labled a system that simple showed disagreement as toxic.

It’s not the button that’s toxic it’s the posters claiming it’s toxic that are actually toxic.


No, it’s people like you who are toxic. The button was misused, anyone who says otherwise is in denial. I’d use it simply because I didn’t like someone, so this nonsense argument that it’s only used to disagree is false.

The downvote needed to go. Forums should be a discussion area, not a popularity contest.


So because you misused the button everyone did?

Toxicity like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Claiming something is toxic or offensive is creating an issue out of nothing. Saying “I like pie , pie is good” isn’t toxic, but when a person that’s toxic towards cake, it changes the statement into toxicity. It’s not my fault you got offended or think something is toxic when that’s not how I intended it, that is your fault.


No, but there are certainly others who did it too, I’m simply willing to admit to it :smiley: . Again, you guys are naive if you think everyone used it for the “right” purpose. Dislike doesn’t mean disagree, if it did then the button would say “disagree.” Did it? No.

It’s not our fault you’re pitching a hissy fit all because Blizz did what some of us warned you that they’d probably be doing. Hope the denial stage doesn’t last too long for you.


According to this mindset, upvotes should be removed as well, because why not just type a thesis about why you love something so much instead of just clicking a thumbs up button?
It’s like if people got all F’s in school and still graduate because nobody let them know they were dumb. Those people would never learn and continue to be stupid for the rest of their lives.


Here is what’s going to happen. People will just start ignoring people.
Like me adding you to ignore because you think people are pitching a “hissy” fit because they don’t agree with YOU. There is no ignore feature that I can find. Color me shocked.


I’m not pitching a hissy fit. That’s you taking what is being said wrong again. Seems you have a problem with social interactions. You might want to work on not reading into and overreacting to situations.


Wish there was an ignore user function.


Seems you have a problem with disagreement if you think it’s “toxic” that someone dared to disagree with the usage of the downvote. But you are right, I wish there were an ignore feature too so I wouldn’t have to deal with…“people” like you.


The voting system in general should have never been implemented in the first place. It turned discussions into popularity contests. Sounds like some of you would have been lost on forums before voting systems were implemented.


If someone makes an argument, and you agree with them, there’s not much to do to further the conversation. A like is merely a gesture. If you disagree, you have to converse to push forward the conversation. If you simply dislike, the discourse goes nowhere and grinds to a halt with actual trolling.