Deathwing: Bad Game Design?

Who do you think will be his best match ups and counters?
Im looking foreward to him!

your very late…

Better late than never, and I’d consider responding before even a day has passed to be quite good. Don’t be negative for the sake of it please.


Almost like he has a job or something


Deathwing’s best match ups would be with heroes who rely on cc to deal damage or to keep themselves save, while being relatively immobile, i.e. Sgt. hammer and Valeera.
The best counters would be heroes who deal large amounts of damage from range, while being able to keep that range, while also having excess to percentage damage as well, i.e. Greymane and Tracer.

Counters are generally what you would expect. Percent based damage is great against him, so things like Malthael and Tychus give him a hard time.

A more surprising one in my experience are fast-moving, auto-attack based heroes like Valla and Lunara. Because Deathwing has long wind-ups, when he’s fighting out in the open against these kinds of heroes they run circles around him and have an easy time dodging his stuff while killing him. His best bet in those scenarios is to run away a bit then suddenly turn around and catch them with an Onslaught > Auto Attack combination.

He’s also a little weak to poke, things like Hanzo and Chromie can whittle him down.

He’s great against teams with lots of Melee, since his abilities all pierce and generally do damage in wide areas. He’s also uniquely good against heroes like Garrosh and ETC since he doesn’t have to respect their normal areas of threat that they control.

More than excelling against certain heroes I feel he excels on certain maps. Maps with lots of choke points like Infernal Shrines are great for him because of how much area he can deny with his various abilities.


Tychus is as good as ricardo milos that’s why he was the first hero to think of when i saw deathwing. he’ll be his living nightmare just like ricardo milos! he melts anybody so easily.

Remind me this when he is on PTR <3

:pencil2: :spiral_notepad: wrote it for you on a notepad!

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Oh god, that made me realise that Garrosh is literally useless against Deathwing. Holy crap. He can’t stun him, can’t throw him OR taunt him. Wow.

Premature F in the Chat for all the Quick Match Garrosh players who fight a Deathwing.


Thats a giant pencil for a tiny little notepad

But thank you!

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no problem! must always carry a pencil no matter the size :3

I almost took the bait xD

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oh what bait are you talking about? :wink:

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Nice to know devs come here and defend the hero since alot call him a trash hero even when he is not even out.

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Calligraphy ofcourse!

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Im a little sad a dev even feels the need to explain basically anything about this. Watch the gameplays and listen to the commentaries and it should be pretty clear.

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well its rather clear that the entire point of this thread is just to complain because they can complain… honestly can this whole thread be deleted already?

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Just because you propose for this thread to be deleted doesn’t mean it needs to.

Just just just ignore the thread. 4Head

Just avoiding someone who hard counters you is a legitimate strategy.