Cocoon duration and health is too high

Not anymore though, that right now isn’t the problem (since the reduction of hit boxes you can barely hit anything unless directly on top)

Right now the only problem is the Cocoon, but it’s WR% isn’t that much, so before getting nerfed I’d like to see them implement a “focus” ping on the Cocoon (doesn’t have to have a sound effect, just make it a call-out ping with text underneath such as “Li Ming wants to destroy the Cocoon”)

Pretty sure that would be much less of a problem once being done as such

That is true but pretty sure he had those things before, and even more so as mentioned above were broken EVEN MORE back when hitboxes weren’t reduced… For example back then you could burrow-charge AND body-block, now you can do only one thing cause the only way your E stun activates is if you unburrow from right under your opponent

In general game lately (after HB reduction) requires a ton of precision, noticed for example how hard was to heal Genji or KTz (their hitboxes being like a straight vertical line somewhere in the middle, bit left or right toward Arm area and you miss) and things like that

But yes = his double stun on dive USED TO be broken AF, it’s just bit misfortunate that his “best days” were at times when everyone picked Hanzo (practically got 3-shot by him lol)… Nowadays his spell shield levels are good enough to tank through that burst but the hitbox reduction nerf hit him hard enough

IF ANYTHING, pretty sure people ban him lately solely cause of the Cocoon (and another thing that noone mentioned so far :thinking:, and that is = Beetle spawns give you a free dive at enemy forts & towers, he acts like Sylv in that manner, and no other hero in the game ATM is capable of that)

If you guys keep nerfing Cocoon or Anubarak, he will be soon faded into obscurity and then a new tank will take over his place.

Is this what you guys wanted?

Its his ability to be fearless in landing cocoons now. I can dive someone with absolutely no fear whatsoever. If two people are in lane. Dive one, cocoon the other. Doesnt even matter who youre cocooning, anub can tank tower shots because of what u just mentioned about the beetles. I say we gotta return anub to the way he was before where he had spell armor for an instance of spell dmg on a decent sized CD. At the very least you had to wait longer to dive into oncoming dmg. Now with his carapace ability i can dive whenever i want to. Have u seen ana nanoboost an anub? Holy god almighty the bustedness. Dive stun dive stun dive stun beetle beetle beetle beetle beetle beetle and DAMAGE GALORE! Especially at 13 when he gets his carapace nuke…

I just told you what he meant.

Also, neither of us ever said anything like that. There’s a difference between dodging a skill shot, and having unstoppable put on you to avoid a point and clik.

Fair enough… Haven’t seen Nano Anub but could imagine :slight_smile:

Good morning Player,

Good news is on its way - we have a couple changes to our Nerubian coming in the balance patch today :wink:


My poor beetle…

But not entirely unexpected.


I’ll bathe in Hoku’s tears :3


Squash the bug under the boot of balance!

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You are so getting Cocooned.

Even if it is nerfed.


Blizz found out in which closet they stored the bug spray, sorry.


I got Cocooned a lot indeed :smiley:
Since a lot of times I’m the tank or the healer :smiley:

Honestly, Anub’arak did need changes, and I have commented on specific things that should be addressed fairly often (Hardened Carapace, anyone?). A nerf to Cocoon doesn’t really surprise me at all.


Hope it is something in “acceptable range” instead of outright kill the heroic or the hero for good.


give it spiked carapage and remove cocon :hot_face:

it’s okay, you cna still play the love beetle and hug the enemies like an ultralisk!
Well, not exactly like an Ultralisk, but not far off!

I shall have my revenge. From now on, nothing but full beetle build to drown my enemies with swarms of incredibly cute little bugs.

If you have ever seen a spider hatching, remember it and tremble.

Then they actually nerfed Beetle Build