Chromie 'Here And There' talent not swapping when in range (Steps to reproduce + Video)


Since the big Chrome rework I’ve noticed that the ‘Here and There’ talent would sometimes not swap despite being in range and instead moving up to the immediate proximity of the clone and then swapping.

I managed to reproduce this over and over in ‘Try’ mode and I believe it occurs when creating the clone in the bushes (perhaps only precisely centered on a bush doodad).

Once a clone has ‘bugged out’, attempting to use the ‘Here and There’ talent on that clone will always fail despite repeated attempts in different nearby locations. Chromie will move toward the clone until very close and then swap with the clone.

A video of me reproducing this issue in ‘Try’ will be sent to the email referred to in the attachment guidelines.


Hey Gadd,

Thanks for the report and replay! We’ll investigate.

~ Fizivix


New information: The ability incorrectly requires vision! The point targeting of this ability requires vision, causing Chromie to just run towards the clone if it is in a bush or otherwise obscured. Please forward that this is a super simple fix to the team :slight_smile: