Change of server after DC

Good evening, I would like to request assistance from Blizzard employees regarding a constant problem that my friends and I have during our games. In daily group play, all Brazilians and residents of the country. Every time someone in the group has a DC (disconnect) during a match, on the next match, we are paired on an American server, usually in the Center United States, and this greatly impairs the gameplay, as the ping increases from 20ms on the Brazilian server to more 200ms on the American server, thus making the gameplay very difficult and this usually leads to defeat.
To circumvent this problem, whenever someone takes DC, we undo the party, and set up again, and this prevents us from being directed to the American server.
But eventually we forget that someone took DC and that way we didn’t use the solution to reassemble the group and we fell on the American server, causing unpleasent gameplay, and we were left with the feeling of loosing 20 minutes of our lives .
I would like to ask if it is possible to have a definitive solution, without the need to reassemble the group, since we sometimes forget that someone took DC.

If I had the option of receiving the information before the match wich destination server will be and if I would like to continue, or even “ban” the American server from my game options, something like that.
NOTE: in my game and all of my friends, the preferred server is americas brazil.

This is a really old bug and Blizzard never really cared about even responding about this. When asked on AMA sessions about this, devs just dismissively says to open a bug report on this forum, which never results in replies.

The worse part is that this bug happens even on other minor servers on US region. I made a quick search and found two reports of the same problem, one for Brazil server and another for Australia server.

So yeah, you just have to always remember to recreate the party if someone DC. Because, apparently, since we’re from the so called “minor regions”, we just don’t matter to the Devs.

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Hey there,

We are actively investigating this and ask for reports to happen on this forum since it can help us find your account in the sea of players so we can investigate what happened! I’ve also had players who reported this in the past be unable to reproduce this after a recent patch, so I’ve been trying to find someone who is actively having this problem as those other two threads listed are far too old to help.

For clarity, has this issue occurred to your recently? If so do you remember what date? It can help us find the right data if we can know an approximate date and time. If you can let me know that information, I can start digging into what is going on!

Thanks a lot for your patience!

The last time my party forgot to redo it after a disconnect was on April 29. The game ended at 8:21 pm (replay file save time) on Volskaya Foundry and the prior game where someone Disconnected ended at 8:01 pm (replay file save time) on Battlefield of Eternity.

Oh yeah, the times are on UTC -3, I don’t really know how to properly convert it to PST time frame, sorry.

Don’t worry about time conversion, we can handle that :smiley:

That said, I believe that occurrence is too old to help investigate this issue. We’d need an occurrence that happened relatively recently, sometime no older than a week roughly, in order to gather the data needed. If you manage to reproduce it, please post here again to let me know so we can find that occurrence of the issue!

As for the OP, Missigno, the same questions apply to you. If this has happened recently, a time and date would be incredibly helpful!

Hello. I just had this issue. I played a Brawl right now (May 31) that ended near 12:15 AM (UTC -3) and it was played on Central America Server. All Party members selected Brazil as their prefered server, but it still sent us to Central America. We had to remake the party to ensure that the next game was on Brazil.