Cant choose cassia new skin in ranked

I have just purchased the new cassia “Thunder Goddess Cassia” and i am able to pick it on quick matches. but I am not able to pick it up at ranked matches (it shows at locked). i also purchased tracer skin but that does work so i don’t know really whats the issue here :frowning:


Same thing happened to me!

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To the Developers: Not sure if this is helpful to identify the core issue, but I purchased the Thunder Goddess Cassia with shards instead of gems. Also, I bought the bundle a moment ago and I am able to select all of the other new cassia skins other than the aforementioned.

I also bought the new Thunder Goddess Cassia skin today, many hours ago, and yet both times in the last half hour, I have been unable to select the skin to use in Ranked Play. It appears under my “owned” skins, but it is greyed out and I cannot select it during draft.

I’m sorry, but I really shouldn’t be locked out of a skin that I purchased. The skin was purchased (with shards) well before I joined these two Ranked games. Please fix this, and if you can offer shards for recompense, I would appreciate it, as we’re now out 600 shards for a skin we can’t use.

Thank you.

Same problem here, can’t select this new skin, I buyed it with gems, pegasus, sprays and all, just to be unable to play her in rank with said skin …

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Same problem. I bought Thunder godess skin with Shards and I can’t selecte it in Ranked mode. It does work in Quick game.

Thanks for fixing!

I have the same problem, so sad i can’t chose that skin in ranked :frowning:

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It’s been a week since this, I bet many ppl has this same issue but they just dont post in the forums, also we didn’t get any response, it’s very discouragin to be honest, this was the skin that made me took interest on Cassia, but the only thing I could be able to do now is quickplay…

Hey there,

This issue is addressed here New Cassia Skin Bugged

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