Butcher Bug With Chromie


Hey Heroes Devs,

I was playing a game on PTR as Butcher. Enemy Chromie put Temporal Loop on me.

Before I was teleported back, I killed an enemy Hero, and tried to get their meat/blood. However, the moment I was teleported back, the meat/blood vanished, along with all of the meat/blood dropped from minions. I double checked my stacks when I saw this, and they were NOT picked up.

TL;DR: Temporal Loop clears all meat/blood on the map when used on Butcher.

Just wondering if this is a bug, or intentional?



Just to be clear, did the Meat simply despawn from map (earlier than the default time-out despawn) or did the stacks disappear from the character after you picked them up?

It seems somewhat unreasonable that you would lose quest progress without dying.

Buit if you can lose stacks, I’d bet that the same interaction could be bugged with Hanzo’s Redemption autoattack quest quest, as it’s also one of the quests that loses stacks as a form of punishment.


The meat despawned when I was teleported back. I killed the enemy Chromie in the time between I was targeted with the Temporal Loop and was teleported back.

I watched the replay (not that it helps much, since the replay doesn’t show Meat drops). I tried to walk over where the Meat was dropped (over Chromie’s body), and when I was ported back, I double checked, and saw I did not gain stacks, and all the Meat was gone.


Hey GoldmonX,

Thanks for the report! You should actually be able to see Butcher’s Meat in a replay if you have that player’s view selected (pressing #'s 1-0 changes player view).

If possible could you send in the replay of the match where this occurred to our Bug Attachments Inbox?

Thank you,
~ Fizivix