Brainless The Destroyer

i have played many games since deathwing has came out in different ranks and game modes, i have noticed that no matter what rank/level the person playing deathwing is they will always most likely destroy half of the team, it doesnt take a genius to figure out how to play him, you press Q once with the right talents and it can automatically win you team fights, his level 16 talent Conflagration and his Q should get nerfed hard as it deals a ton of damage, maybe a small nerf to his armor and passive, his passive should be brought down to 50-75% as it already deals a ton of damage, his armor should be nerfed down to maybe 30 or 20 if its needed but most probably not, his global “mount” should be left as it is because its his way to gain his health back and it shouldnt be touched and dont say just pick tychus or greymane 4head because not all players are #1 grandmaster tychus/greymane players

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yeah he might be nerfed, just give him more tim so ppl who bought him dont feel the wasted 20k coins, patience.

Q is his least powerful build. He can only really use Molten Flame with the help of ally CC or to poke from range. If Deathwing uses Q in the middle of enemies, they can sidestep it and he’ll have literally done nothing but stun himself for a second. Seriously, I’ve seen so many Deathwings kill themselves trying to use it while being chased, especially now that’s he’s free to play this week. Since it’s so specific, building into it just makes Deathwing weaker all around.

It’s not a useless ability, it’s just (ironically) his least brain-dead skill to use.

Generally the broken Deathwing build is the one that focuses on Incinerate and never switches to World Breaker ever. Heat Wave is an absolutely insane damage tool, and Dragon Soul is the superior healing talent (unless they have fast % damage like Kharazim). Blizzard has confirmed that Destroyer will be nerfed and World Breaker will be buffed, so hopefully he evens out.

EDIT: Missed this on my first skim.

His ability to deal 100% bonus damage to heroes is not an upside. It means he deals reasonable amounts to heroes and garbage amounts to everything else. You can actually read it as “Deathwing deals 100% less damage to non-heroes”. His PvE capabilities are very poor.


Brainless the destroyer is right. Everyone just picks the same first two talents, remains in destroyer form, lunges and bites at ppl and then flaps their wings over and over for the whole 20 minutes and ends up with 80k dmg.

Looking forward to the nerfs to destroyer and buffs to world breaker


The devs already said his destroyer stance will get a nerf and worldbreaker stance will get a buff so and some of his talents will get some tweks so hold your hats before you lose it.

They need to give people a reason to go worldbreaker. I think the current destroyer level 20 talent is horrible design. It forces deathwing to remain in his already best form all the time.

He needs to be, this is destroying the game.

Personally, I feel that if you pick the destroyer at 20, you aren’t getting that much value. Keep in mind that it’s additive with his trait - So his AA gets increased by 40%, but his ability damage goes from 100%->140% boost, or roughly a 20% increase to ability damage.

Strong, yes, but personally having all lvl 7s is much stronger along with turning the landing into another ult more or less.

What I’m hoping for overall is talent nerfs to the Destroyer build, and number buffs to Worldbreaker.


lvl 1: Dragonsoul Incinerate healing nerfed to 50%. Lava burst buffed to 100% of all damage dealt.
Molten Blood redesigned - Adds an extra 5.5% health per second to Dragonflight, allowing DW to return quickly after flight.
Lvl 4 - Infernus also reduces the cast time of Molten Breath by .5 seconds.
Lvl 13 - Fire and Fury bonus is doubled while in World Breaker (1 second CDR and 60% AA boost when attacking CCd targets).
Lvl 20 - New talent, let’s call it Worldbreaker’s Fury - Deathwing’s trait damage is applied to all damage while in Worldbreaker form and is increased by 25%.

Fixed that for you, “100% less” would mean he does 0 damage to any non-Heroic targets. But yes, Deathwing needs most of his Energy to quickly deal with a minion wave unless there’s an enemy Hero nearby to proc Heat Wave off. And he’s not great at soloing camps either, while he can do it, it won’t be the fastest or safest.

Piloting the Dragon Knight and Volskaya Protector will also increase his siege damage for the duration.

The game was somewhat “destroyed” before the Destroyer entered the Nexus?

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Its one scroll down, a clear answer that he gets nerfs. It is already confirmed.

lol, pretty much.

I don’t think DW is OP, I just think he has a couple talents that need to be tweaked.

Without heat wave, he’s not really good at TF’s without coordination with teammates so he’ll become a situational pick.

Even with heat wave, currently, the power spike falls off because if you try to be as aggressive at lvl 20 as you were at lvl 4, you’d get your S&%t pushed in.

He’s kind of an early-mid game hero

I’d like them to nerf the power early game and have it scale better in late game. That would balance things out. He melts late game and if your team doesn’t finish before lvl 20, he’ll start accumulating deaths due to the abilities not scaling properly.

If I play DW, I won’t die at all until late game when I misjudge my power compared to the power other heroes have gained over the course of the match.

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I’ve been going Dragon Soul into Heat Wave since PTR because not only is it by FAR the best 2 talent combo, but also because it buffs both forms, some games you will not play in Destroyer at all, like when enemy team has really heavy engage with probable CC like Butcher inting like crazy, that is when WB form is necessary and Destroyer won’t do a thing, but in overall i do stay in Destroyer form 90+% of the time, due to ease of hitting multiple heroes with Incinerate and it’s healing combined with Dragon Soul beating Lava burst by a bile, same for the damage part.

On maps where objectives have very narrow pathways, WB should be used first for Lava Burst’s zoning, a good example on a map with more open terrain would be Alterac pass top left objective location, you can make enemy team’s approach much slower and telegraphed that way, then when the fight begins you switch to Destroyer form if required.

He just need some buffs to worldbreaker form so people have a reason to switch to that stance.

And nerf Heat Wave aura, that thing on 4th stack is unreal, im just looking at Illidan melting away being like THE F. D: !?

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50% :wink:!

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Are you daft? You have to play pretty badly if the cant be healed, long cast time, the more you hit him the faster he melts. He is overall pretty soft, if all goes right yea he can be a beast, but its really hard for dw if you have a clue.

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Your team is literally standing in fire. How is that not a problem caused by your team mates?