Blizzard give me forum permission


I believe you need to read 20k posts. You have 8.8k to go.


I was working for my TL3 so hard.

Go for it too!



Great, have to read the same thread about ‘garbage matchmaking gg blizz’ 8.8k more times. They really make you work for it.


They should reduce it to 10k. I have been trying to keep up with the forums, but I think you need to read 20k in 100 days. I’m almost to 20k but it’s taken 150 days so far. People have lives.


20k posts in 100 days? are they asking us to live in forums?


Seems that way…


yeah in that case i’ll never get it lmao


I farmed the 20k reads by scrolling out the browser to the max with ctrl+mouse wheel. I usually did this while I was waiting to respawn or something.

On a post you’ll see a tiny blue circle near the ‘how long ago was this post made’. It disappears after about two seconds once you are focused on a post.

That blue circles indicates the ‘read’ status.

So scroll out, then scroll slowly down so it sticks to each post for atleast 2 seconds.

Megathreads are a pretty good way to get a bunch of reads.


I can atleast clarify that being silenced once long ago did not prevent me from getting TL3.




Blizzard doesnt even hire moderators anymore its almost 100% automated. Theres like a 1/10000 chance of this post being read.


in more substantial contributions, you can sort the forums by number of topics posted and then scroll through those so the blue dot (as mentioned above) there’s several topics with a few hundred posts a post and you could prob punch through the ‘read’ count likity-split (as a that’s much faster than just licking a tootsie roll pop without cheating)


I’m not even sure how I got it, but it’s great and took forever.


Yeah, I followed your advice sorting by all time and number of posts. I’m watching One Punch Man in an adjacent window.

Nobody tell Blizzard even though the thread is literally addressed to them

I WILL BE PERMISSED by tomorrow, at this rate. I just cleared thousands in a few minutes :mage:


Wow 8k read in a few hours. I’ve been doing this wrong… :sweat:


Its actually not 20k.

It caps on 20k.

You are required to read about 25% of the posts amount that was posted in the last 100 days.

The ones that are written in that thread are more focused over the Overwatch forums due their disgusting high activity that it receives daily.

By its forum activity (that has been slightly degrading) you require about 15k - 16k read which is about 25% of the amount of stuff that was posted here in the last 100 days.

Additionally have you been you active about 50 times in the last 100 days? If yes congratulations, else you gotta work on those days.

Also if you were suspended, not silenced but suspended, you do not have the privileged to get it back.



I’ll go without visiting for 2-3 days at a time (although i’m On most days)… say, 75 days of the last 100. Usually minimizing between deaths or in queue or waiting for friends.

30-40 minutes a day should easily reach 20K read and everything else.

I think they should allow links to some trusted sites by default (imgur, Blizzard websites, similar), bur obviously discourse is weird and probably does not allow that.


Imgur won’t happen until they downgrade Images to Trust Levels lower than 3, yes the link is whitelisted but links that turns into a previewed images will still be blocked.

All Blizzard websites are whitelisted.

So is Twtich, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. is white listed, but not despite being the same exact thing despite running a different CSS for the layout.


You make it sound as if he would get trust lvl 3 just like that if this forum had more mods. lol


Iirc I couldn’t even post the link with it being clickable on imgur before TL3.

Same for Blizzard links, but I could be wrong.

I know I got unable to write some posts because I accidentally quoted the forum avatar which was a link I was not allowed to have in the post.

Yes, the forum did not let me link to content hosted on/by the forum.