Artanis Patch Rework and Comments

So does that mean his new lvl 1 talent is the new must pick for Artanis now.


Hello Shadowmere!

Thank you for the comments!

This is impressive. I always try to play Art as a frontliner and picking on heroes with dash+prism, then doing heavy damage.

Honestly, I rarely pick Amateur Opponent because I feel it relegates him a lot to camps and lanes, and that a very simmilar approach to XP/pressuring with camps can be achieved through Seasoned Marskman and Now Protector Of Aiur by getting extra basic damage.

Still it is quite a challenge to achieve that 150% extra bonus through quests so as to be as effective against non-heroes and it takes a lot of time you can invest from the start.

I agree that the slow prism does comes together nicely with the beam. I initially preferred it to the chrono surge. However, since purifiear beam has a cooldown of 80 seconds it makes it much more spare.

Ofc, you can always swap heroes with the prism and have the slow make them an easier prey for your team to pick. Yet, I find it is more reliable to use the chorno surge to face an enemy 1v1 and take him down. Therefore is a bit the best of two worlds to slow and add attack speed. However I agree with Nemarra in that:

Prism has a long cooldown and it because it is a bit slow and short-ranged… it can be hard to land. For me it is easier to use in close combat. When I launch it combined with Blade Dash it is much more tricky.

As for the finishing dash

that is very nice, but I feel it that taking Solarite Reaper (lvl 7) and templar’s zeal (lvl 13) are a big sacrifice of the twin blades+prism combo. But certainly, it is nice to catch any escaping enemies and it must add quite some pressure in a crowd fight (if not rooted/stunned mid-dash!).

Thanks for the comments!


No offense but marksmen talent was bad and only noobs used that. So is the protector of aiur thing. AA build artanis is not viable. Never was.

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I find the the quest to feel stronger for me. One problem I had with marksman was the fact you could only build it off of minions. The new quest allows the players to build stacks at any point they choose to duel. While the missing attack speed from marksman and the prism talent is a bit sad, I find the damage scaling to be really exciting. Now Blades of a Templar has a true synergy talent too. Overall I like the changes but I see why other Artanis players might be left feeling like the missing attack speed is frustrating.

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Not entirely, it will depend on the map and comp. It isn’t great if you end up against a comp with a lot of blinds or hard CC, and there are some maps where the whole point of drafting Artanis is to get an early snowball, like BoE or Hanamura. His PoA is very strong (and I may be having too much fun with it!), so unless you are racing something with a ton of health, or soloing hard stuff early, PoA is better overall.


I love this comment. I said the same thing to a buddy yesterday.


Its hard to justifiy it 100%, given how being a PVE God was one of his most defining traits due to Amateur opponent. You often picked art for his impact on things like immortals or Samurais, and taking this over amateur opponent removes that impact.


It seems you are not very familiar with Artanis and how he works, no offense. AA builds were always underpar because his uptime is too low. The only place he gets high uptime is against other tanks and bruisers but he fares really bad against those because he lacks CC himself.

Artanis either goes a Q build or a W build for damage, or a D build for tank. AA talents have no room in his kit. Better remove them completely. Q is still his best damage build.

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Thans for the feedback here Moonshadow.

Could you tell me why AA is not viable? I ask because it is my main build for Art. Not exactly AA, but melee against other heroes.

The quest on SM and now POA did allow for increasingly heavy attack, coupled with the prism (that didn’t let your duel-enemy escape) it made it something quite deadly.

I’d like to know your thoughts on what are the strengths of other builds compared to it. Thanks!

Artanis doesn’t have the tools to stick to his targets for long, so he only gets to do a few basic attacks at most before he is kited again.
all AA heroes are either range or have a way to stick to their targets, either slow or speed buff. So it is simply that other talents provide more damage than AA talents.

As for fighting bruisers, the W build is superior to AA since you get titan slayer and triple strike. In a tight fight, amateur opponent allows you to snipe a globe minion and survive for longer.

Amateur opponent also allows you to jungle brining you on par with other bruisers. You simply lose too much utility for the sake of 40-50 extra damage on AA which you will have la uptime on anyway.

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Artanis mostly had one build before with plenty of variation. Macro was the name of Artanis’ game. You could take pretty much any talent except for two: amateur opponent & titan killer. These two talents are the foundation for pretty much every Artanis build. With Protector of Aiur, Artains can now take a full on dueling build and thrive. Saying AA talents have no room in his kit is just silly. BoaT didn’t have a synergy talent so it was hard to take especially over titan killer (oh look a powerful AA talent). With a basic ability that immediately casts two AAs of course AA talents should be in his kit.


I agree with everything except for titankiller being a mustpick. I did pick it often but the slows on his aa really helped him to land more of them. Not to mention that lazer + 16 slow could melt even tanks. Granted you would have to pick it with lazer and not blinds which is a huge requirement since suppression pulse is the better pick most of the time, but with lazer it was definitely viable.

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Blades of a Templar was easily the worst pick at 16 before this patch. It didn’t really offer much value compared to more shielding or percentage based damage. Now that there’s a talent to really enable blades at 16 it can be competitive. In every game I played as Artanis you either needed to take the shielding to tank more or took the percent damage to add some burst to his kit.


I strongly disagree, and this is also why I believe Moonshadow is incorrect about Artanis’ sticking power. The attack speed on Blades of a Templar was very helpful for keeping up his trait, but the real power of that talent, that most people missed, was that is also applied a slow on enemy heroes hit by all basic attacks. Once he hit 16, he could stick to most targets indefinitely, and it also helped if you had taken Purifier Beam at 10.

He was and is still vulnerable to blinds and hard CC, but Blades of a Templar was my must pick (and still is) at 16.

The only time I would take Titan Killer was against something like a Cho’gall, Deathwing, or double tank comp.


I still look back at blades being the weakest option. For it to have equal value you had to take purifier beam and probably other talents like marksmen or either prism talent before they were merged to really see the benefit. Titan killer could stand on it’s own value wise. The shield talent could too but definitely felt better with rush talents to empower it more.

With Protector of Aiur, the AA build & Blades both got huge Buffs. Before this patch it was risky to go all in with a blades & purifier simply because post 16 you wouldn’t be seeing a whole lot of 1v1 scenarios. There are some maps where this might be the case but not many. Artanis is very vulnerable to CC and blinds. Going all in before was risky but against certain comps it worked really well. You were essentially playing as a damage sponge to keep someone slowed in the beam.

Granted Artanis could do that really well thanks to his trait. I found it rather hard to pull off consistently for great value. When I did it was usually because our team was just better or they did a poor job peeling me off. Now you don’t need the purifier beam to kill someone. You can just swap on and start hitting them for scaling damage and slows. The beam is now a global nuisance instead of a finisher.

Artinas confirmed


yep this is what i was trying to say. Titankiller’s dmg is actually quite small and only good against some heroes. Sometimes you just pick it because the other talent wouldn’t get any value.

Something’s weird there.

If you got +60 dmg for 500 dmg aa’s total, your base attack should be 440 and your talent is adding about 15% to that. A 50% dmg boost at that level should be massively stronger (about 660 aa’s).

Either your memory is hazy, or you’re missing some things in your comparison (something titan killer on/off or something) or comparing different levels.

Honestly I kind of preferred Blades of a Templar because it provides him minor cc and both damage and faster trait reset all in one.

PoA has a lot of potential but a damage upgrade isn’t exactly what I wanted to see in Artanis, especially because he received a rework due to him being a hero that did considerable damage but didn’t come online until he hit level 16.

I would’ve prefer an adjustment to a lot of his talents, because compared to other heroes he doesn’t get a real power spike. Leveling up as Artanis didn’t really feel like you’re getting stronger, only trying to keep pace with enemy heroes after starting from behind. I can understand that strictly buffing him can cause issues in lower ranks because he tends to dominate against teams with bad focusing priorities but making his talents have a major impact on the way you play him would be something extremely attractive to me.
That and all of his talents seem to have somewhat the same effect in both increasing his damage and simultaneously raising his EHP through shield resets.

The idea of a tank Artanis has always tickled me but due to his lack of unconditional CC it was always kind of bad even though his trait can make him very hard to kill.

Not saying he needs a major change like this but what I would like see are a lot of +/- talents. Things that increase one things effect while simultaneously decreasing something else.
Like giving him stronger damage talents but they would raise the cooldown of his trait, or lower the total shield or decrease the seconds you reset from it.
Or shield and cc talents that raised the cooldown on his abilities or decreased the damage they deal.

And I’d like to see 20 talents that actually felt like Storm Talents. Plasma Burn is cool and all but given how ineffectual banking all your talents on shield currently is it doesn’t pack the oomph that it should.
Seeing Zealot Charge back at 16 would be cool. Back in the day it was one of the noteworthy things that made him so dangerous but I don’t think that’s the case these days (With the PoA talent it could make a resurgence though).

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Basic Attack is 296 at level 25, so yeah it’s incorrect.

Now that I think about it, Seasoned Marskman really did scale terribly.

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