Are there talent names that bothers/annoys you?

I was just wondering for other players since this game as a player base from many different other blizzard games.

When it comes to certain characters that you play ( or not ) are there talents that the name / effect dont match what the lore or gameplay normally would be and if it would be more accurate how would you tweak it ?

Tassadar: thermal lance : it currently does 8% damage when it his its first target of shock ray. However the original thermal lance belonged to the collossus units ( a giant mechanical protoss unit that shoots lasers ). In SC2 , the thermal lance upgrade would increase the range of attack of the collossus to help them not get destroyed by everything that moves faster then them .

In other to make sense name wise ( beside the fact high templars and collossus are nothing alike , but pair amazingly well together in a comp :+1:) i would just remove the % damage and instead increase the range of shock ray .


Not really bothering, and I can live with it, but in their drive to rename generics and rework them into hero specific talents, they just renamed Muradin’s Block into Dwarf Block.

At least make it something a bit more imaginative like Aegis of Ironforge, Shield of the Bronzebeard or something relating to his lore…

For example Sonya’s is Tough as Nails, not “Barbarian Block”.



Insatiable (Lvl 4)
Inner Beast causes Basic Attacks to restore 10 Mana.


Insatiable (Lvl 7)
Hitting a Hero with Chomp sets its cooldown to 1.5 seconds.

That talent would be a whole lot more appealing if it wasn’t tied to Dwarf Toss (E), but instead tied to Thunder Clap (W).


i wonder how many more heroes we have that shares the same talent names :thinking:

Old Tassadar
20 lvl Shield Battery
Activate to use untalented Plasma Shield on heroes around (including yourself). CD - 60 seconds.

4 lvl Shield Battery
D continues for 1 second more. While activated, D cooldowns 100% faster.


Arthas’s Icy Talons talent makes me think he’s a bird.


Hello there.


Reaper of souls
Because it doesnt do much and it only confused me when I go W build

Wait he’s not? :open_mouth: Good thing I switched to Medivh then :smirk:

Both Mura and Varian have Second Wind.
Tho only one is a talent.
But that’s cool, I totally don’t mind.


ice bird says CAW CAW

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Imperius lv4 Talent

Molten armor grants armor :slight_smile:

D.Va also has Diverting Power at level 16 which vaguely states that D.Va’s defense matrix “grows drastically in size”. Similar talents on other heroes usually are worded as “Increases (skill) radius/area by 33%” or something along the lines.

Cassia’s level 4 talent “Plate of the Whale.”

No HOTS team. It’s “Plate of Regeneration.”


This isn’t the name, but the icon. Tychus’ Sizzlin’ Attacks and Ragnaros’ Blistering Attacks both use the generic red sword icon most AA talents have. That’s in spite of this amazing, underused icon existing and fitting those talents far more.

They even know it exists, since they used it for one of Gazlowe’s talents.


LOL same here.

The talent that annoys me is the cross-talent names between Jaina and Kel-Thuzad. Jaina’s got Frost Armor and Kel-Thuzad’s got Armor of the Lich. Kel-Thuzad should have the name Frost Armor as that’s his iconic original lore ability! Jaina should have a similar name but can be called Frozen Armor. I mean Mei can share the same name as Blizzard, sooo…

Eh, the original talent made a lot more sense in it’s name, as it gave +10% health, and “of the Whale” is an affix that granted health to items with said affix (Not to mention the item reference, as Godly Plate of the Whale was the most powerful plate you could get, though you had to hack it in).

Was “of Regeneration” a gear affix in D2? I don’t think it was.

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Probius also has a shield battery.

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i guess no protoss should go without their shield batteries :joy:


I am just annoyed that Varian stole the name of Artanis’ W, and turned it into a meme.


2 Force of Will (Medivh and Artanis)

I feel very uncomfortable with the look of the Icon of Varian’s Ability Charge and some of his Talents

I know, it depicts a running Varian but the way it is drawn, it looks for me very much like a swastika

Maybe it’s just me or it’s a German thing that we are schooled to disapprove everything related to the Third Reich.

I would really appreciate it, when this icon could be changed so that it is more innocuous

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