Anyone done the math on Artanis Protector of Aiur

I’m bad at math but when is his % increase in attack damage better than a flat attack damage boost like Zuljin?

It adds the % of the current AA.

Well, first off Protector of Aiur is immensely easier to get stacks on. You literally just AA heroes, which you should already be doing pretty often already, rather than having to completely kill a minion, which is harder and much less consistent.

Second, the damage scaling for takedowns has been more than doubled at baseline, from 0.5 extra damage to 1.11 (which is 1% of 111, Artanis’ base damage.) That is before factoring in scaling.

Third, PoA’s bonus damage is in a percentage-based form, meaning it scales, unlike flat-value bonus damage.

The scaling rates for SM and PoA are difficult to compare simply because they stack differently, but I can assure you that you will get stacks faster now than before. Pairing that with the fact that those stacks are affected by level scaling, and PoA is significant early-game and a massive mid/late-game improvement from SM.

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It didn’t stop stacking at 40.
He had the baseline version of SM, same one Falstad still has if you want to take a peak at the wording.
I also thought it stopped stacking at 40 along with other people because of the massive revamps they were doing with quests at the time. A lot of us just kinda assumed it hit SM as well.
That being said infinitely stacking SM still did not scale very well in most cases.


Whenever I’d play Artanis and maxed it out, the quest icon would stop counting at 40 and I’d no longer get the dings. I assumed that meant it stopped stacking.

I looked it up just now. It seems they did remove the cap back in Nov. 2016.
Fixed my post.

Maybe the UI was bugged?

The math is that for every Protector of Aiur enemy team is losing Chen or Misha.

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Is the only thing keeping him from being broken in damage is a lack of healing?

I mean, I know of about a hundred other ways they could easily make him OP, but yeah, giving him healing would definitely be near the top of that list.

I mean, yeah.
Artanis trait is very strong and traditionally has been a pain to deal with. When combined with a healer it puts his EHP through the roof because while you’re trying to burn through his shield he’s busy getting more life. Much like the majority of bruisers the most effective way of dealing with him is to prevent his self-“healing” by not letting him hit you constantly or just CCing him until he’s dead.

A hero developer already stated they don’t want to give him self healing for those exact reasons though Artanis Patch Rework and Comments - #15 by AZJackson
Also it’s super against his hero identity.

What is hero identity? If it means stripping off all his armor to get an almost naked Protoss and riding in a scout, I’m down for that as well.

He’s just the Zealot stand-in.
And a Zealot is a melee unit with a fat shield that hits decently hard, so they got that down.

I wouldn’t mind starcraft 1 skins for all the starcraft heroes though.

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Naked artanis skin in a scout. He would really need to protect his aiur.


Its over 9000!!!

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