Announce Something!

I’m only using 10% of my posts.


I see a meme reference I upvote.

Take notes community.

look, i’ve already warned you more than once.

Do i need to disconnect the internet?


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To free me from this suffering? Yes.

I’ll even your real self and this imaginary self do something meaningful, like write down what it feels like to paint the walls of your room, followed by watching the paint dry.

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no Planar Senpai :flushed:

They’ve already announced that there will be a chinese themed spring event. It is not spring yet so you have to wait.

The Nexus needs more Reinhardt!

His hair is amazing!


It looks like they will have a new hero and some changes to perhaps coincide with the new season of ranked. It’s just a guess.

This is the best thing in this thread so far, kek. Oh his hair is so beautiful. :heart_eyes:

That’s really an out of season joke. The lunar ny was over long ago. And only now that they decided to celebrate it?

It won’t actually be Lunar-themed, it will be a separate event but happen to include the Lunar skins. It’s just like Sun’s Out, Guns Out and Nexomania.


Apparently they are holding an AMA on Wednesday, Mar 6.

But my take on this is that they are still hammering details about the gold to shard conversion ratio. If done poorly, it would have the potential to collapse their entire in-game economical system.

I’m hoping for some Overwatch heroes because they only have 7 heroes in hots. Reinhardt, Bastion, Wintson, Mercy and Mei would be great to add. They are big icons for Overwatch. Reaper is my favorite hero but I think those 5 I mentioned deserve to be in Nexus.

Warcraft - Cairne and Baine Bloodhoof, Lady Vashj, Azshara and more too. Please Blizzard!

I’ve been playing Blizzard since Warcraft 1. I welcome more Overwatch heroes. Just saying!

Go play another game and wait for 3-4 months to have an update …or not.
The fast releases we had before sure spoiled some people here.


So you want them to kill the game even more? Give them a few more years to figure out how to do proper changes.

That’s what I’ve been doing, doesn’t mean i don’t miss it when there was actually energy and hype going for this game. Nowadays, HoTs feels like a shell of its’ former self. Devs leaving left and right, 2x slower hero releases, and very minimal game changes or announcements to keep player investment.

1 hero 1 event and 2 talents tweaks patches in 2 months, i’ve seen worse.

At least Anduin is coming, sooner or later:…/status/1092963014578335745

No, i want them to bring back life into the game, they’ve made plenty of changes to the core game, now they need to get players hooked to it again.

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