All my game progress and paid ingame items are deleted

Hello all together,

after i patched the game, all my ingame game progress and paid item arent available anymore. Its like an reset …

I hope you from Blizzard got a backup, because i spend probably 100 Euros in this game and i will share this story online if its not fixed.

Greetings Aedoxx

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This sounds like you’d be better served contacting Blizzard directly for support than posting on a bug board.

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ive landed here, i started my journey in the hots website and clicked all time on “direct contact” etc etc etc landed here. Great!

Hey Aedoxx,

Most times, this is because you have logged into the wrong Region. Verify in that you are launching the game in the region you usually play in.

You can also verify this in game by clicking log out in the menu, verifying the region in the box in the lower left hand corner, and re-logging in!

Let me know if this doesn’t fix your problem.

Threatening Blizzard because you made a mistake and logged on the wrong server…

Bronze 5 iq community, lol