All games are scripted


Good point.

Why even post here if there are like 50 active posters?

Mommy! Mommy! This guys is BUGGING me!
I’ll take care of it, son :heart:

Go away troll! Shoo!


Hmmm… You must have mained Auriel for a long time to have that much hope. It says clearly that if you get suspended or silenced, you cannot reach lvl3.

Since today, i’m jealous of DrLogan Jeff Bridges memes. :sob:


This is true, but I never saw the rules from an official Blizz thing. Just links from others sites.

Perhaps they are different for the Blizz forums?

Pretty sure the most that would happen is it’ll get locked, and slowly get buried. You can post in those thread to have them deleted and MAYBE someone will delete it. Don’t really know for sure.



You cannot hold TL3 while silenced or suspended. Once the silence/suspension is over, you have to wait 24 hours, then you will automatically regain TL3 if you had it prior to your suspension.


This is only when its a silence, if its a suspension then you lose it forever, this is not the right place to discuss this stuff either, you are free to continue it here:


Bleh. If the notification system that tells us when we’ve been silenced or suspended and the mods who use it don’t care enough to differentiate the two, I see no reason to do so myself, especially if they’re using the terms incorrectly when they do differentiate them.


If a grand master #1 is sitting behind you and takes over your keyboard & mouse when you are down 3 levels due to a “baddie” and swings the game to a 4 level lead, the game by definition cannot be “scripted”.

You just don’t have as much solo impact as GM#1 does. Neither do I. You can’t hide behind the “I’m just a single player in a match of 10 players, I need my team to help me, I’m sick of having to carry”.

I frequently re-watch my losses and replays, and without exception I can pinpoint bad plays and mistakes I have made. You are the only constant in all of your matches.
If you aren’t GM#1, you are probably making dozens if not hundreds of bad decisions, positional errors and mechanical actions every match.


You can avoid silenced by not being rude. Some people literally do not know how to do that yet and they won’t let any stranger on the internet tell them how. There are ways to communicate what you want about how a game is going and what to do in it without putting anyone down, but people seem to think “you’re just bad” qualifies as both something with any pedigogical significance, potential to favorably shift the tide of a game, and also not rude, and worth saying. False in every account


I’m not sure why people doubt the OP, his username is Nazeebo, obviously through his use of Voodoo he knows something we mere mortals don’t.

Scripted HOTS, I’m just a script…I’m in the Matrix…I mean Nexus?


Lacks experience to wield Da’ Voodoo. 2 posts.


did you know: when people are walking or driving, people can tell what other people are going to do? There’s like this special pattern-indication thing that allows people to anticipate what could happen next. It’s like this basic function of cognizant people that’s necessary for everyday life so people don’t… ya know, walk into each other, or off cliffs or stuff.

There’s even entire genres of recreation built around this sort of anticipation and ‘calling it’ function.

If it took you a ‘scripting’ class to not realize people have patterns, then you could be behind the curve bucko…


I knew it! I’ll bet you’re really smug in binary about it too!


Wouldn’t be surprised if you acted like a bot as well.


After a 100 days of lower activity it can happen. After all, reading time and readed post count does still matter as it only tracks the previous 100 days. Although, when it happens you are generaly still close to reobtain it after a few days.


Me after I found out I have TL3


Loooool :rofl: I guess this is the same when ppl think they’re psychics but in test they’re as good as a thrown coin…


Only game that is scripted is FIFA games.


Is there a way to tell when your trust level changed?



you messed up your own joke