Alarak's Last Laugh does not remove Nazeebo's DoT


Just died late-game with full sadism, because Last Laugh didn’t remove Nazeebo’s DoT on me (which it is supposed to, according to its description. He had Vile Infection). Nazeebo was a full screen away from me and not actively attacking me when I died. This lost the game.

I’m trying to post a screenshot of the Death Recap but the forum tells me I can’t post links. It says the damage I died to was from Voodoo Ritual (trait).


Hey Grey!

Sorry to hear about that. In my preliminary testing around this, I am seeing the DoT removed. Is it possible you were hit by another Nazeebo Auto-attack after using Last Laugh?

Either way, if you could be so kind as to forward that replay, along with a time stamp, to us following the steps on this post, I will be more than happy to look into that!

Huginncord, Heroes QA Extraordinaire


I watched the replay a few times and I see what happened. He auto-attacked me just as I used my teleport, so the AA followed me to my new location, hitting me after the “DoT cleanse” and applying DoT again. Working as intended, I guess.