XP for achievements ends before the track

Is this normal?

I just played my 200th infuse card but got no xp because the achievements switched over to the new expansion that isn’t even out yet.

As a new player, that gold is important.

I went back and looked at some of the achieves from past expansion, and I for the life of me don’t understand why many of them don’t award xp still other than blizzard are greedy bastards who want to run off new customers.

For example, things like draw 15k cards as a warlock, summon 3k beasts or 1k mechs, or cast 1,5k nature or fel spells were never happening in a single expansion.

Seems silly you don’t get experience for finishing these and other achieves.

We aren’t even talking about cards one does not have that one may get later from standard packs and then you can’t go get that xp because it expires.

IDK why they even have achieve points at all… make it all xp on whatever reward track is up and move on. No need for a useless currency to track. Epeen does not justify the existence of a counter, imo.

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Small indie company, you can’t expect them to update the track at the proper time.


They do this every time; instead of leaving the small XP available forever (would it make a difference?) They prefer to remove it a week before the lauch with the prelaunch patch.

It wouldn’t be a bad change to leave the XP indefinitely

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Seems like a good way to increase engagement and encourage players to play/get the whole collection, but what do I know.


Murder at Castle Nathria Achievements will stop awarding XP with the launch of Patch 25.0, whereas the Rewards Track will swap over with the launch of March of the Lich King on December 6.

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That’s dumb, don’t you think?

They went ahead and took away that last week, the one where many people might actually finish the last big steps of the expansion long achieves?

Seems like a real Dbag sort of move on their part.