Where did Robes & Goggles go?


Just played a bazillion runs in Heist and Robes and Goggles don’t show up any more. Are they coming back? I am worried because I bought this content because how much I enjoyed playing those cards. Those cards gave me a new way to play HS… trying to find new ways to make me giggle in single player and those two cards are hilarious. The dumb AI that cheats a lot isn’t really that fun… its more annoying than anything… Those two cards really made single player a whole lot of fun and I would definitely feel cheated if you took them away since I bought the content because I liked them so much.

Hope they come back soon! :slight_smile:



People were having too much fun, so Blizzard made Robes appear less often. AFAIK, Goggles weren’t “nerfed” in this way.


No need to worry Smoochers, they’re both still available and are the same rarities as when they were released.

Perhaps it’s just been a streak of unfortunate luck if you’re hunting for those two specific passive treasures.


Any chance we could get a list of treasure rarities? The latest balance patch in the pinned thread mentioned “Adjusted the rarity of some passive Treasures.” That would indicate it isn’t equal across the board. A lot of people were under the impression that meant Robes were made more rare, because they’ve shown to be extremely powerful. If not them, then which?


I did eventually see robes again, but it sure doesn’t feel like the same rarity. But I am happy to see it is in there.


I’m seriously curious about this. This isn’t the first time, and as Jetz pointed out, and I was referencing, you released a “balance” patch that changed the appearance rate of passives. And the fact that Blizzard devs associate percentages with literal zero player interaction, with “balance” and “challenge”, is something I, I believe the OP, and lots of players are extremely frustrated with, and that undercuts most arguments in defense of this game.


You’re in a bad run of luck. I have gotten goggles on almost every run for a long time… Maybe I’m lucky, but normally RNG is not my game. Feel for ya though. When I first started this mode I went through a terrible “dry-spell” of luck and card-draw and everything else. Stuck it out though. Feel like it was worth it. Loving this now.


I was hoping your month being gone was spent balancing the new release. But I see now I was wrong. Is your team going for a 100% warrior meta or was it just poor oversight?


So, I have still been grinding trying to finish 5… I agree. No way are Goggles ad Robes are comingup asfrequently as the once did. They can say whatever, but i play this game a LOT and it has to be altered. Maybe we are crazy. Hope so. :slight_smile:


I and some friends took a toll of the passives we got for about a month. The results approximated a Normal curve, and the ones we labeled as “good” and “bad” showed up with unremarkable difference in frequency (I think the percentage my friend calculated were 42% good, 50% bad).

But it’s really suspicious that out of something like 30 Treaures and after 900+ games, Robes was the least common option, by something like 5.

(Sorry about the approximate numbers. This was like a month ago, and I don’t care enough about Robes specifically to ask for them, particularly compared to how much I care about the MANY lazy design decisions and Blizzard’s apparent unwillingness to address them).


The really funny thing is, when I started playing this mode, i passed on goggles thinking they wouldn’t be valuable over time, lmao. What an idiot I was! I am about to marathon this bith and if I don’t at least see one or the other… Then nothing! LOL Literally, nothing will happen. I will just keep trying. Like Sisyphus… My struggle… Everlasting.


I had a similar reaction to Elixir of Vim, at first, though they both have the same problem: All it takes is one bad draw to end an hour long run. Robes is the only passive strong enough to win on its own most of the time.

I generally don’t like allegations like these because they’re baseless, but I do seriously wonder whether Blizzard actually paid people to just play this game for dozens of hours to determine whether it is fun. Like, why are so many of the passives exactly the same as they were in other expansions?


True. A good point that I had not thought about, I think because the depth of this expansion is so much more rich, that I dismissed the repetition when immersed in the gameplay. All I will say is, having +5 health as an option, is literally a slap in the face. Glove pulled, drop-puffed out, then backhand slap across the faycemouth-area… Dropped to the ground. Funny thing is, it’s Thor’s gauntlet! lmao We can’t even pick it up. Just slapped and done.


Right? Like, most of the Bartender cards are trash, most of the time (obviously, they do synergize really well). +2/+2 on a minion you’re gonna have in maybe 2 games? Wooooooo


So just for your info… I reported not getting packs for winning the areas with all villians and no stars over their heads. Obviously, I had the same complaint for a minute. Contacted tech support, they directed me to the bug thread, and magically… I have started winning and the stars are showing up. I’m not trying to piss the Gods off again, so please… What can I do.

I just played for almost two weeks straight on Shaman 1st area in the Heist. Two weeks. Dominated on 7 or earlier every time. Made it to 8 twice. Knowing the decks and enemies. Now a breze. Perfect working order.


hey i have a great idea that will drastically change the way this game is played, wanna hear it? here it is:

make adventures physically possible to win, as of now, it is literally, mathematically impossible to win them, over 100 attempts and not a single won has been finished


You are just bad XDDDD