What's the update?

My client’s downloading 2+ GB of updates, but I don’t see any notes anywhere. I assume this is the upcoming battlegrounds season + maybe balance changes?


They hid it in another thread, no real announcement:


Ah, thanks.

I cannot conceive how fixing those three things amounts to 2 GB of data, though. But maybe that’s the “behind-the-scenes update” part?


When they are on it, how about fixing the Bugs in old Adventures that are still offered for real Money in the Shop?


They also removed the winter stuff from the client, the snowish animations and the winter event.

I have a bug in iOS where I have to restart the client to claim
stuff earned on the main rewards track. I hope that’s fixed…

UPDATE POST UPDATE It’s not fixed.

Wow amazing they are doing bug fixes… Game really needs regular bug maintenance.

1 or 2 Days after Release had been a good time to fix this shameful stand of Soloadventure to unlock the hyped new class.
Blizzard had a better idea: Fix it a month later when the new class is already dead and nobody cares about that adventure anymore. Lol

Seems like we need to buy more Packs. Blizzard is absolut out of money and manpower. Seems like 5 Guys createing in halftimejob new cards, fix bugs and an hour in year is invested in Wildbalancing

Probably there are two kinds of updates.

One is to just to send one compressed final file, using a huge update even if they only changed one asset. Uses large amount of download bandwidth.

The second is to track every file change, send an update program that unpacks every changed resource file, puts in the change and repacks it. This has the risk of missing changes, requring the client to have space to unpack files, and maybe a lot of client processor time. This one is a lot more work on their end too, probably the biggest factor in keeping costs of frequent patches down.

Well since this last patch I can’t open hearthstone in my phone so I guess I have to redownload the game.

It does make you wonder whether or not introducing cards in an intentionally broken state just to drive up initial pack sales, just to run a bunch of balance patches later is actually financially beneficial. I am genuinely curious how many hotfixes would be required in a game that goes on that doesn’t have new content added.

Maybe they made a new algo.
Because the old one was to obvious and generated unwanted attention.
100mb for the game update and 1900 mb for the algo.

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