Was fate splitter and de other side secretly "fixed"?

Seemed to work yesterday with fate splitter giving me form de other side and today i get whatever minion it attacked.

No it was officially fixed. It is in the recent hotfix patch notes.



Fixed in patch today. Not sure if I fully agree with it


No dust refunds given even though it’s objectively a nerf to at least 1 of those 2 cards. Blizzard greed never changes I guess…

Didnt read the notes but what card(s) were nerfed to warrant a dust refund? Them fixing a broken/bugged interaction is not a nerf so that shouldnt be cause for a refund.


Intended interaction or not, it’s a bait-and-switch. Many people crafted fate splitter and from de other side in order to play the shaman deck that uses them based on their interaction. Changing the interaction without refunding either card is nothing less than blatant rug-pulling towards players playing the deck.


Well if all they did was fix an unintended interaction and call it a bugfix i think its a bit of a stretch to call it a bait n switch. Its happened before and likely will happen again.
Theres also a card they are bringing back in the coming set which is also either worded wrong or a massive oversight. The 3 mana rogue spell that shuffles 3 ambushes in the deck, from below or whatever its called. Used to summon a 4/4 spider when drawn.

They refurbished and buffed the card. Instead of summon a 4/4 it says summon anub arak (the 8/4 spider that has deathrattle: summon a 4/4).

Are we getting a 3 cost card that auto summon 12/8 stats 3 times for free?

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Knowing them that’s probably exactly what they’re doing. Hearthstone has so much power creep it makes yugioh look balanced.

Definitely not the case, but I take your point. At least you’re not dying by turn one in HS.

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Fun detected Blizz ruins everything

That “buff” was not intentional and will be fixed. Confirmed by RidiculousHat.


endless shaman killed off now we will be stuck with free freebird thaddius rogues instead…

It was a bug, so not a nerf


Pre nerfed Kael’thas enters the chat

Still works for Shaman. Whether you’ve board or no minion, from the other side, fate spitter and all the other crap you let spawn, will work infinitely. Only thing not being triggered is Denatharius.

Awesome job, intern. If there was only a single person who could double check your work or stop these things from occuring. If only…

NOT FIXED just died to like 5 “from de other side” created by fate splitter

It IS fixed
If fate splitter doesn’t die to a minion then the spell killed it and it grants a copy of it, as intended by the design, card text and patch note


are you sure splitter attacked one of your minions and died ?