UPDATE: Patch messed up my decks

my decks are missing between 2 and 4 cards… For instance, mana cyclone. I own 2 of them, one is gold, one is not… When one is in deck, it cancels the other one out. As if to say, i already have 2 in my deck… It seems like I can only have 2 of the same now? I am confused. And a restart did not fix this


Drag the golden out, put it back in the deck. Fixed

Edit-just logged back in after doing the above and it’s still showing I’m missing the cards…that’s annoying.


I had to have the deck autocomplete. Then I went back in and put the desired card in and the other one out.


So what I noticed was everytime I clicked on a deck to view it, then clicked back out, it magically added one missing card back in… After doing this about a dozen times altogether with all the decks, they were all fixed…

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the easiest fix for me was to add cards until the deck is complete, then remove the added cards, then fill the gold ones back in.

edit alas - logging back in and the issue resurfaced.

Just go to my collection click the deck, go back to home and the deck is fixed.


Unfortunately doing so fixes the deck by adding in the non golden versions of the cards.

This problem seems to occur when a deck features both the golden and non golden versions of a given card.

Also, as mentioned above, if you fix it manually, it very helpfully “unfixes” itself the next time you log in. :expressionless:

icic didnt know about that. I log in this morning and found it to be incomplete went to my deck click and it turn to 30 again. I check the names and all is the same so i just take it that its resolve. Didnt realise it take non-golden copy instead.

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I didn’t mind having to fix it once but this reset on every launch of the game is quite annoying…

So when they said deck slots would confuse the consumer… they actually meant programmers >.>


NEW UPDATE… So I went back into the game cards were missing all over again… This is clearly a bug, and perhaps this now needs to go to a different forum… Needs Blizz attention… OH and not sure if this is temporary or a new bug, but I can no longer squelch people…

All my decks that have one golden copy and one non golden copy need to be fixed every time I login. I only use golden when I don’t have the non golden version, so I don’t even have the option to use 2 non golden (I guess I could disenchant).

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I’ve got the same problem, and even when I fix the deck, it’s likely to be broken again the next time I log in.

Blizz is aware of the problem, they list it here:

Just click on each deck and when you open them in collection it shows them as complete. It’s a pain, but you just need to open the deck.

mine too… had to delete all decks, close, log out, log in, put all decks back in.

Just open decks did not work for me. It was a problem with the collection!

If you want an easy solution (for the time), make sure you have either 2 x golden copies, or 2 x normal copies. It only kicks out a combination of both.

Apparently it will be fixed next patch Tue/Wed, so we have 5 more days of this.

Le sigh

I LOST cards, as in my deck that was complete said 28/30 and I go into my collection and all of a sudden the paladin card that resurrects 3 minions for 9 mana I only had one of, when I had two of it. I had to craft another one.

Are you sure you didn’t just check wrong?
For starters, what you appear to be describing is a Priest card (Mass Resurrection) not a Paladin one.