Unable to finish Quest "scary butcher nights"

Hello Blizzard Team,

I like to report a bug. I’m not able to finish the so called “Gruselige Schlötternächte!” maybe translated “scary butcher nights”. You have to finish a arena fight to get the reward.

I finished several but did not got the reward. I allready open a ticket: #68138588 and the gamemaster checked that I finished several arena fights but the quest is still open. I relogged several times may it updates after log in but it didn’t.

By the way last patch 15.6 did not fix this issue. It exist on Windows Client as well on Android Client. Please fix the issue and give the reward for the quest.

Thanks in advance

I think this is the quest which awards you 200 gold for playing one game in arena? If so, your issue is listed in the top sticky post, and a fix is expected tomorrow or Tuesday: