The "Dev Tracker" above


It’s part of their forum template. We’ll see if it ever gets used.


Not holding my breath. In the case of Hearthstone, they should probably just change it to a counter that says, “DAYS SINCE A DEV SAID ANYTHING IN THEIR OWN FORUMS”…


Lol right. You’d think one of them would atleast stop by an say hey on the new forums.


Yeah right. They’re too busy holding stupid polls on Twitter about peoples favourite keywords to take 5 seconds to stop by here.


What’s a “Dev” and what kinds of tracks do they leave?

If we find Dev droppings and Dev tracks, does that mean that Dev’s are close by?

(August Dean Ayala) #7

Looks Around

Hey. How’s it going? :slight_smile:


Well then. Here is hope.


Did you find out what would bring people back to the game yet? There’s been about 2 or 3 years of posts on the subject.


Nice. Here’s hoping you come here often.

We promise to treat you nice if you do!


Iksar!! Stay brave mate
We don’t bite :wink: most of us anyway…


With all due respect to Dean, wish in one hand and crap in the other see which one fills up first. I’ll believe it when I see it, and the reason devs cop snark when they show up here is precisely because they are rarely here. If they were active here the snark levels towards them would drop significantly.


Give us hope for the rotation. Are Genn and Baku going to dominate?


A wild Dean appears!

This is a forum. I’m totally using a fire type and hoping great balls are enough. You’re cool and all, but a mewtwo thee ain’t. Master balls get saved for the real prize.


Heh… curious. The dev post color is the same blue it seems as the Blizz rep color for these forums (Overwatch devs is Orange, Heroes is purple).


I’m sure they’re just gearing up for the new set announcement. They always come out of the woods when it’s time to move units, then they slip away in the night and lob snarky comments in the occasional reddit post. That’s why they get snark - they give it to us in between transparently playing nice for pre-orders.


I’ll be honest here. I’d be stoked if they tried to sell me packs via snark. That suits my sense of humor perfectly.


Should we be excited for what’s coming in April?


The rotation alone is worth getting excited over.


Why? There’s no reason to think anything is actually going to change - no sign of change in their strategies or philosophies on card design, no sign of change in testing and quality assurance, specialist esports format implies no additional competitive modes of play or features like sideboarding best of 3 being implemented in the game, etc… And the old “it’ll all get better once last year’s overpowered cards rotate” is a mantra that’s repeated every year since the year of the kraken. Why should this year be any different?


Well I for one love the game and can’t wait for the new set in April!
You guys ever think they may come around more if we lost a lil of the “edginess” in some of our posts…just a thought.