The "Dev Tracker" above


Wow weird adjusting to this. Glad to see a dev post at least!


Really? I see a fairly significant shift in design.

This is not the Hearthstone I was playing two years ago. Aggressive minions are dead, mediocre combos dominate and removal doesn’t come at nearly the premium it once did.

The game has slowed and shifted away from minion focus in between brief periods of domination by combo decks in favour of combo control dominating the board until it can end the game with a consistent and rigid kill turn.

The game’s philosophy has shifted significantly from where I am sitting and, agree with it or not, it should mean that the game continues to develop away from curve or combo based play in favour of its more passive build-up to more decisive executions, if the design philosophy remains consistent.


Yeah, a lot of stuff has changed in the last few years… For the worse. The game isn’t as fun and people are leaving because of it. I’m talking about change for the better, not for the worse. Change that would get us out of this downward spiral.


You have far more faith than I do. Short bursts of activity followed by months of radio silence has remained a consistent trend over the past 5 years. Jesse was somewhat able to break that mould. I appreciate any insights that they are able to provide, however their audience necessitates a response smoothed to the point that there is rarely much of value to be gained. If I am proven wrong on either of these counts, I wil be very glad and hope that the new forum can start us off on a better foot.


My distain is apparent in my post, but I am certain that there are those that enjoy the more defensive lean the game has taken.


Its been a year or more since the last dev comment on the (old) forums which was, ironically, BB’s resignation announcement. Dean humself said/implied earlier than that he was gonna make these forums his location for announcements, then vanished into thin air for over a year.

Yeah, dont get your hopes up guys for more dev communication here, they have an abysmal track record. I’d like to see it, but i’d also love to be riding a unicorn to work.


Firstly, I learned only after my prior post that Mr. Jesse Hill was one of the many unfortunate Blizzard employees who was discharged as part of the recent layoffs.

This is highly unfortunate; no one deserves to lose their job, least of all someone who exhibited the competence and loyalty Jesse did. :frowning:

If you’re reading this, Jesse, I wish you luck and the absolute best! Thank you for everything you did for us. :heart:

My excitement for these new forums has diminished greatly in light of that, but abandoning them seems fruitless. Ultimately, I do have faith that more can and will at least be attempted.

I operate under no pretense and fully admit that their track record has been poor, including their proclivity to make promises and break them almost immediately.

Having said that, everyone deserves a second chance and most deserve multiple chances, especially when it comes to behavior that is developed and refined by interaction. :smiley:

Here’s hoping we really will see more blue posts this time around, and that we don’t inadvertently scare them off. (I would posit that most of the acerbity in response to developers’ posts is symptomatic of the their radio silence, but again, two wrongs do not make a right, and there is no reason we cannot be mature if they can conduct themselves professionally.)

I am in agreement that most of the game-related discussion we do get is carefully considered under the scope of public relations and that their replies to concerns are too deliberately restrained, but some interaction is better than none, and for all we know they could improve in this respect as well.

Additionally, this is an era of change: it need not (only) be for the worse.

I hope not to be proven wrong, but if I am, I will still attempt to retain my faith in this regard. What else do we have? :yum:


I’m confident we’ll see a lot more blue around here. Why make a whole new forum if you don’t care?


Points to the old read only forums

(August Dean Ayala) #34

I respect this Pokemon analogy. Who are you saving your master ball for?

Also, I’m hyped for the new forums, I think they look great! We just announced all the stuff we were ready to talk about here:

Looking forward to seeing all the conversations that spawn as a result. Let us know what you think.


I figured out how to quote, heh.


Well, there’s your answer…


LOL nice one man, but still you know what this post is about :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: i was talking about this [quote=“Iksar-11848, post:7, topic:72”]
Looks Around

Hey. How’s it going? :slight_smile:


That crazy new death metal developer you guys hired.

You’re more like an awesome Dragonite. But that dude is like…well…if Nathan Explosion or Swissgarr were suddenly capturable options. And, given the choice, you clearly choose Nathan to take down the Elite Four. Probably while summoning eldritch horrors and collapsing the ring into the sea.

To respond to the query about the changes…

Too much aggro hate, not enough reigning in control tools, good job burning down genn and Baku (seriously, not snark), and thanks for being considerate enough to give back our dust on the odd/even package items and not just genn/baku.

New solo stuff good. Paywall for it, good. Having it free is essentially an open distraction from paid content. Rewarding actual cards for paid solo, good. Raise those stakes some and encourage it more.

My suggestion? Focus on some paid fluff content. Like 3d models for legendaries (in game skin swap, essentially) or hero power customs (visually, not effect) that arent just tied to the damningly few hero skins you release.

Review most f2p games and note just how much we pay for fluff. Figure out how to really bring that full force here and I’ll bet you could ditch paid cards entirely one day.


Hello August. Will you be commenting soon on the issue of adding a toggle for squelch? There has been quite a lot of passionate discussion about this and I think it would be nice to hear directly from you what your plans are for this feature and your reasoning behind those decisions. Please engage with us on the topic. Thanks.


will we ever know why the blizzard staff prefers to post on other sites instead of their own?


For the same reason most companies prefer to sell through Walmart than a mom and pop store.

You do whatever reaches the most people at once.


Would be nice to see some direct developer feedback on this issue please.


Too little, too late.

Hearthstone development team has basically had little to no meaningful interactions with the community for the entire 5 years the game has been around, reinforcing our perceptions that the devs aren’t even remotely interested in considering our feedback.


Token post but thanks I guess…