Senseless Exclamation mark at achievements menu point

I have notice the same issue.
Yeah, I guess it’s not a priority to fix that, but yes it’s annoying…

I have encountered the same issue.
I clicked through ALL available achievements to see if anything would fix it.
The exclamation mark is still there.

It´s a trap! for us with acute OCD it IS A PRIORITY FIX!


Indeed that Blizzard OCD punish… please fix it.

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I have the same issue after the last patch.

it’s also telling me i have a mission to play in Ashes of Outland adventure -> Trial by felfire -> I. A World in Ruin

but I completed the whole thing already and got the rewards… lol

I click it multiple times a day. Still nothing. Rinse and repeat the next day. How long will this last?When will it end? What is even real? Please resolve. Someone. Anyone.


Me too!! i hope they will solve soon!

I’ve got it also. At least it’s just a visual glitch.

I did the same, wasted my time going through every category twice without finding anything new. These achievements were already a pointless feature, imo, but now it is also an obnoxious one

Same. It bugs me so much!

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Same issue, please fix this, it is driving me crazy everytime I log I go and click it out of habit lol.

same issue here. So annoying…

Same here. Bug. Wonder if it’s gonna be fixed with next update

Patch 19.4.1 did not fix it for me. Did it fix it for others?

Nope, sadly it didn’t for me either

I do have the same problem. It’s my first time on the forum and was wondering if they suppose to reply?, because it’s been a week that i’m looking here for an answer but nobody (from staff) reply to those comments. Please is that gonna be solve or not?

Same for me. I went through all the achievements too, and there’s nothing there. Really annoying.

Ah, patch wasn’t applied yet. 19.4.1 has fixed this issue, gladly.
Thanks Blizz dev!

still have the issue