Read 40 lorebooks

It’s kinda dumb that the end turn button doesn’t get disabled when you spawn a lore book. I have a habit of ending turn after queueing actions for the turn and missed reading three lore books because of it.

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done this, still 8/9

I’ve been looking how to complete all achievements associated with Faelin’s BoH

It seems there are a lot of bugs still with completing Lorebook and Ozumat achievements (like how to acquire Cousin Errgl (Finley) Meet the Mrrgltons lorebook for example?)

Please can this be fixed and also the ability to track which lorebooks are outstanding?

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It sucks that you’re still stuck at 8/9, alexei. The only other thing I can think of is that I believe Halus’ True Heroism ability only counts if the deathrattle goes off and heals something.

These instructions don’t make sense. If you get Queen below 50, Dathril becomes a friendly minion that you can’t easily kill, and even if you suicide him into minions after you gain control of him, the book doesn’t spawn. On my attempt I got her to 49 health, got Dathril, attacked two minions to get Dathril to die and no book spawned.

It would be super helpful if the achievement has a list to tell you what you had finished and what was left instead of having to hope you’re right.


Wanted to go ahead and post this guide for the 34/40 lorebooks list that we have. If anyone can find any of the others in question please post so we can get the total correct.


Challenge 1: Prologue - Grace’s Letter, Finley’s Letter, Halus’s Letter (All free to click on)

Challenge 2: Patrol Captain – The Leviathan Manual (Spawned from a random enemy), Stormcoil’s Log Excerpt (Spawned from a random enemy)

Challenge 3: Ol’ Rattleswipe – Ancient Scroll (Spawned from a random enemy), First Mate’s Log (Spawned from Pip, wait to kill before any other minion so the lorebook will drop from him)

Challenge 4: Captain Hooktusk – Hooktusk’s Journal (Spawned from random enemy minion), Notes from the Crow’s Nest (Spawned from Shady Parrot, kill it first on Finley or Halus’s storyline), Grace’s Notes (Spawned from Shady Parrot, kill it first on Grace’s storyline)

Challenge 6:

Grace’s Story:

Privateer Tom – The Vesper (Spawned from Legendary minion Jal the Sharpshot), Tom’s Orders (Spawned from a random enemy)

Finley and Halus’s Story:

Hurricane Elemental – Caye’s Log (Spawned from random enemy minion), Sailor’s Rhyme (Spawned from random enemy minion), Finley’s Musings (Spawned from Legendary minion Storm Tyrant, try to kill before any other minion, on Finley’s Story only), Halus’s Journal (Spawned from Legendary minion Storm Tyrant, try to kill before any other minion, on Halus’s Story only)

Challenge 7: Captain Maya – Ini’s Scribblings (Spawned from damaging but not killing a Panicked Sailor and having board space, may have been fixed to just killing the Panicked Sailor), Maya’s Journal (Spawned from killing a Fragile Cargo with a board space available)

Challenge 10:

Grace and Halus’s Story:

Murgaloc – Guide to Murlocs (Spawned from a random enemy), Essential Galley Recipes Vol. 6 (Spawned from random enemy minion)

Finley’s Story:

Cousin Errgl – A Note on the Compass (Spawned from a random enemy)

Challenge 11:

Grace and Finley’s Story:

Naga Guard – Creation of Naga (Spawned from Legendary minion Lady Ashvane), Ancient Decree (Spawned from a random enemy), Tom’s Message in a Bottle (Spawned from Epic minion Trenchstalker on Grace’s Story only), Finley’s Thanks (Spawned from Epic minion Trenchstalker on Finley’s Story only) Note: [It is OK to kill the other minions for potential lorebooks spawns, just don’t click on the lorebooks until the Trenchstalker’s]

Halus’s Story:

Enchanted Statue – The Statue of Ithu’liel (Spawned from a random enemy)

Challenge 12: The Sundering – Dathril’s Unsent Letter (Spawned from the Enraged Wavelord), Ambassador Program (Spawned from random enemy later in fight)

Challenge 13: Mysterious Visitor [Dies at Low health, not zero!] - Evenlar Family History (Spawned from a random enemy), Friendship Pledge (Spawned from random enemy)

Challenge 14: Abyssal Jailer - Laws of the Queen (Spawned from random enemy) [Dropped during Grace’s story line but was a very rare drop]

Challenge 16: Handmaiden Zainra – Zainra’s Orders (Spawned from random enemy)

Challenge 17: Queen Azshara – The Eternal Queen (Spawned from random enemy), Amulets of Evenlar (After damaging Queen Azshara to 75 health, Dathril Evenlar will spawn. Kill Dathril Evenlar for a random chance for the lorebook to spawn)


Just went ahead and posted the 34/40 list again at the bottom.


Here are some other lorebooks. I haven’t found any of these but they apparently exist -

Zin-Azshari Crystal - Hearthstone Fandom Wiki/Zin-Azshari Crystal (89504)
Prisoner’s Log - Hearthstone Fandom Wiki/Prisoners Log (90072)
Abyssal Forces - Hearthstone Fandom Wiki/Abyssal Forces (90432)
Creatures of the Ancient Seas - Hearthstone Fandom Wiki/Creatures of the Ancient Seas (87305)
Meet the Mrrgltons - Hearthstone Fandom Wiki/Meet_the_Mrrgltons (89154)
Half-Digested Tome - Hearthstone Fandom Wiki/Half-Digested Tome (87304)
Grace’s Notes Part II - Hearthstone Fandom Wiki/Grace’s_Notes_Part_II_(87022)

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Just got Finley’s Musings. I wanted to add some detail into how to get this lorebook. As stated by Twoodz you need to choose the Finley character and when you get to the Hurricane challenge do NOT attack any creatures till the computer plays Storm Tyrant. If Storm Tyrant attacks you and dies the lorebook will not show up. You must kill Storm Tyrant on your turn.

Remember do NOT attack any creatures except Storm Tyrant. Try to dredge for taunts to minimize damage till he appears. You are trying to buy time till the computer drops Storm Tyrant. I recommend using Finley’s random paladin card power as cards like Noble Sacrifice and Reckoning staved off damage for me to help me survive till Storm Tyrant appeared. Also try not to buff up the taunts too much or Storm Tyrant will rush them and die on the computer’s turn; he needs to be killed on your turn.

I would like to add that some sadistic game designer at Blizzard obviously hates us players. This achievement will make you want to break your computer. I have no doubt there are several other lorebooks that will only appear under certain circumstances and this sadistic designer provides no hints about what those might be.

Halus’s Journal - for this challenge I used Halu’s ‘pure of heart’ power and Caye’s ‘Bubble Up’ power. Try to use solar eclipse on taunt spells and buff only enough to stay alive. Again you do not want Storm Tyrant breaking on your taunts because if it dies on the computer’s turn no lorebook will materialize.


You should be able to get Finley’s Thanks as well. I’m getting super confused by all these names at this point, the list comes in handy.

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I just noticed that when the lorebook ‘Grace’s Notes’ dropped the computer had played Crabtoa the turn previous. On the next turn the computer played Shady Parrot and on my turn I killed Shady Parrot and Grace’s Notes dropped instead of Notes From the Crownest. Is there a relationship here? I don’t know but thought I would mention it.

Have any tips on how you keep the Trenchstalker alive? It attacks three of my creatures and dies on the computer’s turn over and over again. It is difficult to reduce my front lines enough to not kill it and still survive.

It comes down late in the fight so just try to have a small board to anticipate late game and hope it goes face one time.

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Thank you. I now have ‘Tom’s Message in a Bottle’. For me that was definitely the worst challenge yet and I still have to do ‘Finley’s Thanks’. May the designer of this achievement face the karma he so rightly deserves. :slight_smile:

Can anyone include more information on what they were doing when Ambassador’s Program dropped for them?

  1. What character were you using?
  2. What turn during Sundering did it drop on?
  3. How much life did you have left when it spawned?
  4. Did you kill the creature that spawned the lorebook or did it die on the computer’s turn?
  5. What creature did it drop off of?
  6. Did you open and read Dathril’s Unsent Letter or did you ignore it?
  7. What turn did Dathril’s Unsent Letter drop on?

Anyone that has a You Tube video of the entire encounter before it drops would be much appreciated. Thank you. Cannot for the life of me get this lorebook to drop. I am currently at 32/40 lorebooks.

This lorebook is horrible to fish for because you are forced to sit through the storyline again and again. Blizzard is making a fine attempt at institutionalizing players.

I retried that challenge for Ambassador’s Program so many times, experimenting doing different things. At some point I thought you needed to only destroy elementals, or only destroy demons, but even successfully doing that didn’t lead to it dropping. I just gave up after like 20+ attempts.

Is there any dev work being carried out to fix this please? or explain how to acquire ‘read all the lore books’ achievement?

No clue, as an achievement hunter i didnt see people posting their 100% on the adventures section so i would assume they didnt. Can someone confirm this?

Still nothing after months? Thats blizzard for you!