Rattlegore event task 8

wth were you thinking with this one heroic babbling book is a rng clown fiesta.
You can pretty much only make it work IF you fully upgrade bwomsambi first ability and you get a health buff for your water ele on balinda AND the rng flurry doesn tkill it rng on rng on rng.
yes you can get lucky with other mercs but the key word here is get lucky

lol i got the quest but i do not know what they mean by all spells…can some one please make sense of this quest

I did have to upgrade bwomsambi’s (2nd) ability and get his level 30 equipment but it could be argued that’s never been easier. plus he’s a killer 6th man because of that ability so you might as well do it anyway. and while you may not have khadgar he is a solution for upgrading the water elemental’s health. it seems old guardian recommended jaina? I took khadgar instead. also make sure and use val’ 2nd equipment not the first like OG recommends, not sure why he still hasn’t figured that out. and I brought balinda back each time I could I think so she kept calling out another water elemental and you can effectively keep all three enemies frozen for a bit or at least make sure book never thaws.

what team did old guardian suggest using… i’m sorry i don’t have face book i’m an expat doing work in china and everything with free press is banned so no facebook, utube,or twitter or the like plez post …

That’s not quite true, I didn’t use Bwonsamdi at all in my team. All you need is some way to freeze it on turn 1 so you can use all spell schools before one of your mercenaries randomly dies. I did it with team using Balinda, Varden, and Jaina for the climb, with Finley, Reno, and Wrathion to cover the remaining spell schools. In the boss fight started with Balinda, Finley, and Wrathion, and I was actually stomping the boss so hard I had to intentionally kill off my own Wrathion at the end to get Reno to jump in to use an arcane ability before I killed the last enemy.

balinda w/ water elemental; khadgar w/ 2nd equipment; the female naga that has both nature and fel spells, not sure what equipment; cornelius w/ shield of dawn; valenda(?) w/ 2nd equipment; bwomsandi w/ 1st equipment – I think that’s it more or less. I know that covers all spell schools but I can’t remember what the 6th was.
the idea was to keep the book frozen which if you freeze stays frozen each time they come back in after bwomsandi’s 2nd ability sends them back to the npc’s hand.

Currently, there is a bug with freezing, which can disable the Babbling Book indefinitely, but I think it shouldn’t be that necessary. The party I’ve used is something like this: Khadgar, Nemsy, Balinda, Malchezaar, Xyrella (or whatever merc with Holy abilities) and Bwonsamdi — yes, the bouncing strategy. I don’t rightly remember the details of how I’ve done it with this one, but I think starting with Malchezaar first is advantageous because of his battlecry, and Balinda is necessary. You can do a few bounces, bringing up multiple water elementals and doing Fire and Frost with Balinda… The bug, however, does prevent a ‘Prideful Wish’, otherwise something else (Diablo with a slowing effect, maybe?) would be needed.

I’ve done it without Balinda, though, on my first attempt (was it Lokholar instead of her for climbing?), with a bit of bouncing and some randomness on my side.

PS A bit off-topic, but…

:rofl: If you call that ‘free press’, then… Well, no matter. :smirk:

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He’s stating Chinese regulations. Mocking him makes you look stupid…

Exactly. The only problem is that boss is an RNG monster.

And? What of it?


You don’t mean to say that the ‘regulations’ of the aforementioned platforms are a different matter — the epitome of freedom, goodness and whatnot, unlike someone else’s undoubtedly :smirk: :grinning: evil and oppressive regulations, do you? :grinning: What’s especially ridiculous is the proposition of the first option as an alternative to another.

If anything, I’d probably say making do without the first option would be even preferable, if one had to choose for some reason. Personally, of the aforementioned I only use YouTube and only for content like gaming or some other specific topics — and definitely not for mass media. In other words: ‘no, thank you’ to what that guy sees as paragons of ‘free press’ :rofl: from me — even if they are not blocked, which, perhaps, wouldn’t be such a bad idea at all :grinning: , considering all the substantial harm they do in the name of their corporate overlords’ profit with questionable — if any — benefits to the public, if you ask me.

Even primates, as far as I know, giggle at what they cannot comprehend or even throw dung at it, this does not concern me one bit.

:grinning: Well, fortunately, the design problem with this boss — being unlike the deterministic spirit of this game mode — is masked by another problem of a technical nature (a bug), so it’s possible to do the fight while avoiding most of that ‘RNG fiesta’.

you… mocking someone to make yourself sound superior… is just cringe, especially when you didn’t even understand the context. That’s why I said it.

But, clearly, you have no problem being the but of your own joke.

Getting a bit off-topic, but… Click below for details (as in the post above).


Didn’t I? Or did someone else not?

Explaining things like irony, nuances of wordplay and so on is bad form, but on this forum it’s more of a necessity sometimes (well, quite often, actually), so I’ll give it another go, in case the detailed explanation above was still insufficient: this guy’s bemoaning the lack of ‘free press’, as he sees it, in China after moving away from the aforementioned platforms is like someone moving from the Arctic to equatorial Africa and complaining that it’s too cold there compared with his previous location. If this analogy is still not clear or you still don’t see the irony of the situation… well, then it’s beyond my capacity to help here :grinning: , I guess you can just forget this and move on with your life. :grinning:

By the way, how did you fare with the boss or with the event (I don’t remember if it’s still active)?

I cleared the trash with nagas: Azshara, Lady Vashj, and Athissa. Cookie in the bench for extra HP (though the equipment is only at lvl 2), and then Khagdar + Natalie Seline were idle in bench saving them for the fight.

I started the book fight with:
Khagdar (lvl 25), Natalie Seline (lvl 25), and Cookie just to get all spells out except Fel. Once they had casted all spells, I did nothing and let them die to get Lady Vashj out. Used fel spell… then the book killed itself right after.

I got it in one try… but there’s a lot of RNG to it. Depends on what spells the book casts.