Rafaam + Shudderwock Draw Bug?

When a Warlock player played his Villain Rafaam it was ok but when he drew a new card from his deck next round - it was Shudderwock - he revealed himself to me, so I could see that he drew him… (for example just like the new Warlock healing card reveals itself).

This sounds like a bug to me so I have decided to report it.

Not a Rafaam + Shudderwock bug, but a Bomb and any card changing mechanic bug. This was reported and I’m sure this will be fixed soon™.

Basically, cards like Bomb reveal themselves when drawn. Seems like they retain this mechanic even though Bomb cards were changed to a different card.

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Was the opponent playing Warrior and had put Bombs in the Warlock’s deck? If so, when was this?

As this combination was supposed to have been hotfixed yesterday: Hotfix Patch Notes – April 10, 2019

There was no bombs in this game. I was really suprised by it. It had no reason to show itself…

Aranasi Broodmother, I presume. It heals the owner when drawn, which also reveals itself to the opponent.


Were any cards by either player put into the Warlock’s deck?

Do you have a video / deck tracker replay?

I don’t think so, he played Zoo.

I don’t have any video/replay unfortunately. :-/

It will be a mystery.