Patch 20.2 Known Issues

Hey everyone,

As is expected of any major patch, we’ve had some bugs pop up because of the most recent 20.2 update. We’re aware of the bugs below and hope to have a fix for each of them in or before our next major patch. We’re aware of:

  • An issue where borrowing decks while challenging a friend is not working.
  • An issue where Glaivebound Adept can be missing from the Collection.
  • An issue where the Tavern Regular achievement correctly tracks prior progress but incorrectly marks the achievement as claimed if you’re over the completion threshold.
  • An issue where the achievement for completing Book of Mercenaries: Rokara does not complete.
  • Display issues related to in-game shop pricing.
  • An issue where Battle-Ready Decks won’t open in the shop if Dame Hazelbark was opened first.
  • A Battlegrounds issue where Tough Tusk’s Divine Shield can persist after a player is defeated.
  • A Battlegrounds issue where Vol’jin’s Hero Power Spirit Swap can cause Goldgrubber’s stats to reset every turn.

This old one doesn’t appear to have been fixed yet:

  • A bug where the mass disenchant preview is counting some cards twice but giving the correct amount of dust when used.

oh my yogg was supposed to be the first card deleted.
not glaivebound adept.


Diao Chan Valeera portrait is still missing the majority of its animations that are present in the full sized collection preview.

Still have a bug where my opponents rank only there name shows on wild ranked ladder this has been the case since about a week before battle grounds launched. I would really like to be able to see that info again.

Hi guys I know it’s minor stuff but can you adjust the supersized UI elements on iPad OS? There is an issue with a Coin modal in the collection manager. It’t huge compering to cards and hero portraits details modals.
Also there is an oversized tooltip when you hover over “Standard Cards”, “Wild Cards” and “Classic cards” filtering options in the collection manager(Mac and iPad OS).

  • If I change my status from offline to online, friends still can’t challenge me. I have to restart the whole game.
  • If the connection goes away, the game often gets in to a neverending loop, no quit, no concede, just restart works.

Are you at Legend? Because your opponent’s rank doesn’t show on ladder (Standard or Wild) unless you’re Legend. That’s not a bug, it’s been like that since the ranked ladder revamp.

yay, only one month late


The animations on golden Vessina have been broken since at least August last year. Hadidjah told me on Reddit back in early August that the bug had been logged and would hopefully be fixed soon. Celestalon told me on Twitter in October that “It hasn’t been forgotten, just a weird one that takes some time to fix”. Can you tell me please why it isn’t on your list of bugs that you’re aware of?

I just wan into an issue on both PC and iOS where when I go to start a game in the Practice Mode, I get an error saying the game could not start and then all the enemies on the class selection become pink.

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Never heard that and no currently of as this moment I am in the bronze ranks working my way up but I feel like i should still see what my opponent is at.

You forgot the other 50 bugs introduced. At least someone will be employed for a long time… wink wink.

also bug where hero power is shaded out.

Look… bugs happen, its okay. Customers are used to the bugs so its not a big deal. Fix them at your leisure and focus on improving the next expansion. You can even call me to help under contract.

The menagerie mugs and cups don’t buff dragons in battlegrounds.

I won several games on mobile in Ranked Standard at Bronze 10 and received 0 credit

While it’s a VERY old bug, the bug with beast minions and their buffs needs to be fixed. So why don’t you ahead and add that to the priority list.

i have tavern achievement level 1, and i cannot choose any hero, could you help me ?

Tavern Regular Achievement i am on course to level 2 but level 1 autocompleted with impossible to choose the new hero.