No Quests Bug, and a THEORY!

So there are MANY people saying they are not getting weekly or daily quests, and it seems consistently the people who are not receiving daily quests are returning players, from what everyone is saying. I have a theory why people aren’t receiving daily quests.

First, there are many topics of people reporting this issue, including one I created a few days ago. Here are just a sample:

So I have a theory why this might be happening I’d like to share. I decided to make a new topic so Blizzard support are more likely to have a look instead of it getting buried under dozens of posts.

First of all, according to one poster it appears the “no weekly quests” issue is possibly unrelated and already fixed? If so, I hope we’ll start getting our weekly quests on monday. If we should already have gotten our weekly quests I just want to report that I’m still not receiving any. There’s also this support article that says that it’s being investigated still:

Mind you that’s only for WEEKLY quests. But as for DAILY quests, here’s my theory. According to this article there are some “Returning Player” quests that MUST be completed before daily quests are given:

I’d just like to ask everyone who is experiencing this daily quest bug, and you’re a returning player, has ANYONE gotten any of these quests? Because I have not. The only quests I’ve gotten are the “Duels” quests that give Scholomance Academy packs. That’s it.

So my theory is that the reason many returning players are not receiving daily quests is because they cannot complete the requirements to start getting daily quests because the “Returning Player” quests are never being offered to them. I might leap a little further and suggest the reason these quests are not being given is because the “Returning Player” quests have somehow been overridden by the “Duels” quests?

It’s just a thought. Hope Blizzard can look into this a little. And it might be helpful of anyone can say if they’ve received the “Returning Player” quests. That might explain why this is only affecting returning players.

EDIT: This theory has been pretty much confirmed with this:

Come on, Blizzard, we apparently know the problem, please fix it. Thank you.


Interesting… I haven’t recieved a single quest since the update and have been playing Battlegrounds from time to time so would not call myself a returning player. Other players I know have recieved them as intended. It is frustrating nonetheless :frowning: Hope they fix this soon

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the devs have already addressed this and deployed a server side hot fix

as for your theory: this is a bug report forum, which is for as it sounds: reporting bugs. if you want to speculate you are ofc free to do so, but it should be done in the appropriate forum, in this case probably the community forum

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They have deployed a hotfix, which did not fix anything relating to weekly quests, people still do not have them.


I’m still experiencing the blank quest journal issue as well - no quest appearing, and the Daily Quests and Weekly Quests titles are just appearing as blank coloured bars. (Returning player, coming back after 12 months plus.)


Same here, maybe we just need a more permanent brake from their trash game


exactly the same for me on EU.
Before the patch i had the 300 gold returning Player quest, 3 Pack quest and another quest.
After the patch i only had the “win 2 Duel quests”. No new Quests since then. My Questlog is completely empty.
I also did some reading in the forums and it seems like the theory might be right.


First, they didn’t say they fixed anything related to daily tasks, they said they fixed something related to WEEKLY tasks. I’ve already addressed this in my post. This is about DAILY tasks, which is a different bug. So no, the devs have not addressed this at all.

Second, this is exactly the correct forum to talk about and discuss bugs. Part of reporting bugs is giving all relevant information related to the bug to help developers as much as possible and I have stated what I hope is new and relevant information relevant to the bug, specifically, which is that none of us are receiving the quests that are apparently prerequisites for getting new quests, and I am encouraging people to also share this relevant information. And, as a developer myself, I know speculation can often be a useful part of bug reporting. I’m not sure why you think that the community forum is a more relevant forum for this. This is where developers who want relevant bug information will look, this is where this information goes.


So in my other thread someone posted a bit of a smoking gun for my theory:

So, there you go. That’s the problem. It seems like the Duels quests have overridden the Returning Player quests somehow, and it seems like this is exactly what Blizzard needs to fix. I have absolutely no qualms making this thread; this needs high visibility.


That hotfix mentioned above isn’t meant to fix the problem most of us are having of a completely blank quest log. I’m pretty sure that was to fix the issue for people who didn’t receive a quest after their weekly timer counted down. Myself and most of us here STILL have a completely blank quest log and it doesn’t seem like Blizzard has any idea how to fix it.

This is what a GM said to me the other day about the issue:

“This is Game Master Strybur. Thanks for reaching out to us in regards to the missing Hearthstone quests. If it is in regards to the weekly quest not showing up, that was a known issue that has since been hotfixed; therefore, that one may already have been resolved. If it’s missing daily quests that one is in a slightly different boat. Even though we don’t have any confirmed known issues in regards to missing daily quests showing up in Hearthstone, there are reports that the team is investigation as well. It’s just that until they can figure out exactly what is causing the issue, they are unable to confirm there is a known issue and start working towards a resolution or a workaround that might be available to populate the daily quest.”

And now just today I received this from them about an hour ago:

"Specialist Game Master Rotonina here and First, I want to thank you, Recently the number of tickets has gone up substantially and we appreciate your patience while we got this looked into. : )

I was just going over the tickets here and I’m so sorry to hear your having issues Hearthstone quests here, I am happy to check this out.

Looking into this I was unable to find any issues or bugs that would prevent you from getting any new quests, You can have up to three quests active at one time which will remain until one of the three quests are completed. Once you complete a quest, a new quest is automatically provided at the same time the next day—this may change when Hearthstone servers are under maintenance.

If a new quest is not received after 48 hours, try working through the steps below to refresh and repair any issue with the game that might be causing this.

1.) Log into the game for a solid 5 min, log out for 1 min, log back in.
2.) Complete all other quests to refresh the account.
3.) Play a few matches in multiple modes
4.) Restart the PC and check after the steps above have been done.
5.) & - restart the device and relaunch the app. Allow the game to update full and try again.
6.) Swap regions - Close out the game, and log out of > Select another region than the one you normally log into > Log in, click to play Hearthstone
7.) Swap languages - Close out the game > On the Hearthstone panel in the Blizzard Launcher, select Options > Choose Game Settings > In Game Settings, choose German/Deustch > Hit Done > Allow the client to patch > Log in to obtain quests > You may then swap the language back with the same process -
8.) - repair your game
9.) - Try to reset your password and relog
10.) Check back after the next Tuesday reset after completing the steps above

If you are still having any issues, Report on Hearthstone forums the issue, and steps tried Submissions posted there have the benefit of allowing a community discussion around high-impact bugs, which can occasionally help in prioritizing them as well as both finding and fixing issues."

Seems to me like they don’t recognize a problem with our accounts and are just telling me to keep trying everything I’ve been doing since I’ve come back. I don’t see this getting fixed any time soon if that is true since they can’t really solve a problem they don’t think exists…


that is just lazy support, don’t tell me they can’t simulate the returning player experience during last patch, not finishing the returning player quests, then updating, and clearing the win 2 and win 3 duels quests, that is all they have to do to be staring at an empty quest log.

P.S. I suppose it’s easier to copy paste some trash advice though

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but. I play all the week since the quest update. I finish weekly quest once and wait until it reset.
boom. no quest and its say new quest in 7 days .

its 3 day now. my quest still didnt come. that meen I have no money and xp to progress my traven pass. and that is the reason I could not buy the traven pass. maybe quit hearthstone

I am a returning player and I have a blank quest tab:
I haven’t received any weekly quests or dailies since the 19.0 update on the 11th.


Same problem here: returned, and since i completed the duels quest on the day of the last patch, my quest log is blank.


still blank quest log. nothing to else add. just refreshing the thread so maybe Blizzard will see…

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Hey guys, did not receive today’s daily quest of 19/nov/2020. Playing on PC.

Same, I have also missed today’s quest. Also on PC. Had one slot open if it matters.

Missing daily quest. As a note from the theory I am not a returning player. Have been playing constantly for a while.

Don’t mind Pev…he absolutely hates anyone talking bad about this game. Legitimate concerns or not and since you used the word Theory in your post he automatically assumed Conspiracy.

Still nothing here too.

I don’t know what “fix” have they deployed
Still get no quests, daily or weekly
No access to money, No new cards