N’zoth event ruined because it was only visible after update

Dear Blizzard,

Ever since mercenaries came out I have been diligently levelling and doing tasks. I made sure I did all 10 tasks during the previous events, so I would get all the upgrades and characters such as Leeroy and Chiji.

However, a few weeks ago there was an update which caused a lot of my hearthstone modes to be buggy or completely unplayable like Mercenaries. Today I got a new update for hearthstone (on IPad) and I was glad to see things working again.

There was also the N’zoth event which I happily started on. Two tasks in I noticed that the event would be on for less than an hour. I realised this event had been up for longer but invisible to me due to the bugs I experienced for at least 3 weeks.

I managed to get 4 tasks done, and then the event disappeared, making it impossible for me to get all the coveted rewards.

For 3+ weeks I really missed my mercenaries and then discovering that I couldn’t complete an event due to bugs made me really sad and demotivated.

I noticed online that there were other IPad players with the same issues.
Do you have a solution for those players who lost the event because it did not display on their game in time?


EDIT: I see now that there is a lockout and that the event will resume later hopefully working as intended.

I do hope soon all the bugs have been fixed and that all the modes are playable again.

Up until the update all I could play was hs and bg, with hs sometimes so laggy it made me lose games.

Good luck

Each day there are 2 tasks available until all 10 appear. Today is the second day, so that’s why only 4 tasks so far appear. When done you need to wait for another 2 on the next day.

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Yes, thanks for the info guys :sweat_smile:

I did edit my post shortly after posting it, seeing as I found those patch notes later… my bad for not reading it sooner.

I tend to get lost on forums, especially when panicking.
Thanks again :kissing_heart:

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