Mobile is an absolute mess


Starting today (CET) the mobile version has been an absolute mess. It is impossible to exit the app even for a second without losing a connection to the game. Also when queueing, and seeing you get matched, the game goes back to main menu. Then if you queue again, you get noted that you disconnected from game and start reconnecting. Usually I make it in time before mulligan ends but this really blows and I have lost several matches already so the game is basically unplayable right now. Have an Android phone. More info can be found here:


Can confirm same behavior on iOS. Likely the same behavior as Back to Main Menu

In prior versions of the app, switching away for more than a few seconds would usually cause a brief disconnect from game, and reconnect on return. Now I’m seeing these things happen even if I’m using quick reply functions (and never leaving the app) or if something disrupts, like receiving a phone call or an OS low power alert.

And I see same behavior as OP, where these “disconnects” send me back to the main menu. Unfortunately, on iOS my behavior is slightly worse. If I try to queue again, I DON’T get reconnected to my game, instead the client crashes. If I restart, there is a decent chance I’ll be reconnected to the game, but this cycle can take as long as a full minute.


Thank you for the reports. We are aware of this issue, where changing focus from the Hearthstone app on mobile is sending users back to the main hub.

We are working on a fix, but it requires client side changes so it may take some time to submit a new build through iTunes/Google/etc.

Thank you for your patience while we work towards a resolution. Meanwhile, if the game sends you back to the hub while in a game, the quickest fix that I’ve found is just to restart the app immediately. It is definitely not ideal, but can be quicker than trying to queue for a game again.

Immediately Disconnected! (mobile phone issue)

I have the same isssue on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A.
Jumps back to main menu.
But last game, it was even worse:
After “reconnect” to the game, i had no time to choose cards at the beginning and startet the match with an awful mulligan and lost not only that match, i also lost a star.
So i will stop playing until its fixed because its no fun . And i dont will restart the game again and again to try to climb the ladder (i’m rank 14).


Lol I can’t even get into the game, it loads the tavern doors and the tells me hearthstone isn’t responding and boots me.
Asking tech they told me it was my connection and that they couldn’t troubleshoot it…
Guess the problem just had to get big enough huh :stuck_out_tongue:


The issue you are referring to sounds like a separate problem that we are looking into right this moment. Some users report that after multiple attempts they eventually get logged in properly, but we’re investigating and believe we may have discovered the root cause. Again, thank you for your patience while we work on a fix!


Confirmed the issue about backgrounding the app while in a game.

Another issue on mobile: if you come back to the app after backgrounding for a while, it doesn’t ask you to reconnect right away, so you can’t see any friend information. When you click Play, it says you are offline and if you click Reconnect it hangs on a loading spinner forever.


For what it’s worth, I thought that prior to this release the mobile version was the best it has ever been. Being able to reconnect with a button worked great, and made it so the app didn’t have to restart as much.


For me, after returning to main menu, if I queue up for a play game (casual or ranked) it leaves the finding opponent screen and reloads the app, reconnecting me to my game a bit faster than closing and reopening the game. I’m on android if that’s relevant.


I’m not sure if its seperate or belongs to this, but i gonna add it here anyways (hearthstone-app provided by amazon underground on android): several bugs:
-I also get disconnects more often now, not related to the wifi-connection. it just randomly starts disconnecting since update. also it sometimes just glitches so that i cant continue the game (for example: got no card-pick-offers in today tavern brawl, couldnt do my turn and roped out, restarting the app didnt help).
Sometimes it told me “resume” like it had the connection back, but actually never came back to the came and was hanging on resume for like 5 minutes
-New artworks arent shown yet
-completely new cards aren’t shown at all: an opponent played brightwing and it just “disappeared” on the field. it was sure there because another played minion was placed besides, but the brightwing-card was completely invisible and untargetable for me.

right now the mobile app is completely unusable because i’m losing like every other match to the glitches and “disconnects”


Same in iphone, game lost every go to phone menu (sound/contrast etc.) Game lost immediately AND it is not possible to return to the game…

Why are you so incompetent and every update for phones is faulty ???