Mercenaries renown IS TRASH!

Just in case someone’s not familiar with the technicalities of how such a search on the forum is done, I’ll point out the obvious:

And yes, the absolute majority of these bug reports (or posts aiming at helping other players) are about Mercenaries.

As said, you fail to see facts and evidence right under your nose. In comparison, all I’ve seen you do (I’m not omniscient or omnipresent, of course, but I try to monitor that part of the forum), instead of reporting issues or contributing at least something constructive, is repeating that ‘mantra’ of yours about that company, money and so on… I’m not gonna reproduce this nonsense.

Clearly, you don’t even grasp the definition of sarcasm.

That’s not what ‘racist’ means. Oh, and, by the way, you’re telling that to a non-native speaker. :grinning:

Someone having difficulties with a foreign language is not a problem, however. After all, there are things such as dictionaries and so on, and most often it doesn’t even hinder communication that much. What’s problematic, for example, is when someone here is trying to compensate their lack of education, manners, upbringing and even rudimentary capabilities for rational thinking, based on facts and logic, with excessive aggression, their own conspiracy theories and personal attacks (more or less against anyone who is not a hater :grinning: ) of a most demagogical nature.

Sadly, they have allowed this hateful gibberish… so far, although there’s yet a chance to remove some unsavoury elements. :grinning: This forum would be much cleaner without that kind of negativity.

The system is trash.
But maxed out mercs in proper comps in PVP mode is not trash at all
i’d argue it is the highest skill cap game in hearthstone and its not close.

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Dishonest goalpost shift is dishonest:

Interesting, considering the outright lies you’ve “reproduced” here including my posting “most of the bug reports” about mercstone. Something anyone who spent five seconds on that forum would see wasn’t true. At this point, you have zero credibility.

Mocking people for their inability to speak English (or any language “literately”) is racist.

I know, hence the reason I pointed out specifically why your post will get ignored. Thanks for agreeing with me!

Humpty Dumpty, is that you? :joy: Hard to recognise you under the forum disguise:

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.”

The same more or less hold true for the rest of you rants, too. :rofl:

That’s why it’s going to be used for their end-game system which unfortunately isn’t out yet.

Most of the criticisms are pretty inaccurate. The coins aren’t really an issue, the issue is the speed and ability one has to actually max their mercs. Receiving coins you can’t use feels really bad, but ultimately does not effect the game that much. It just makes packs bad, which is another pretty fair but somewhat inaccurate criticism.

The main thing is, you don’t need packs to max your mercs, it’s a lot faster, more reliable and a lot simpler to just… grind bounties and do tasks (which give you a ton of free packs). Which doesn’t cost anything. Unless you just don’t like the gameplay of the mode. Which… then why are you playing it?

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Paying is supposed to bypass grind, but paying is not a good choice with the system they have created. Paying is actually foolish.

Renown doens’t fix that problem.

The conversion rates are abysmal and embarassing.

I didn’t think they could ruin the mode worse, but here they are

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It’s not really grinding so much as… playing the mode. You don’t need to grind bounties, just finish tasks. And the only tasks which are grind-y are the “complete 4+ bounties”. All the others can be done in a single bounty or two.

This is patently false. The mode is way better with the new task system. Flat out. Significantly better. Way easier to rank up mercs than it was before. Way less farming involved. You jump into a bounty with the merc you like and start earning coins for them immediately. Just from playing the mode.

Being able to bypass playing the game by paying money doesn’t work, but… why is that a big deal? Like would it be better if you could get ahead by spending real money? It SHOULD be better, but I’m much happier that the F2P aspect of the game was made better rather than Blizzard trying to coerce me into spending money.

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an actual post, vs pure pro company trolling, but this one was easy.

except it’s been a major complaint early on.

Love the new company line is fast becoming “it just your feelings, bruh” ignoring that peoples’ TIME and MONEY apparently don’t matter.

So…wasting people’s time is 100% ok by actiblizz and its supporters.


The way too obvious pro company proaganda response that followed

isn’t worth sorting through, except to mention they have really cut their budget for the writing.

Then why pay at all? It’s not like they can sell a bunch of cosmetics for this mode.

If buying packs isn’t worthwile, the mode is doomed.

It’s 100% true.

The task system isn’t the problem, the monetization is abhorent. They can make all of it amazing, but they have to make money to keep operating the mode… and disincentives to purchases are fail. The new renown system does not solve the most glaring problem in the mode.

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100% agree, i thought wed get to choose how to spend our excess coins

Not have to lay 625 per 125 (i assume thats for Legendary, as its the highest conversion ive seen on my tasks so far)

1:6 conversion rate because you can’t give us a better way of buying merc packs !? FoH

Yeah but this is Blizzard’s problem, not the player’s. I don’t even know why this would be a concern.

Uh, I mean if you’re spending money on something that’s not worth it, it’s on you kinda. Also this isn’t a company line, the company line would be “please spend more money on packs and overpriced bundles it’s totally worth it.”.

As to time… I mean it’s a computer game. Play it. You get a reasonable return on the time invested. If you don’t enjoy playing it then why even give it your attention?

Nothing I’m saying is “pro-company”, you tool.

… because some people don’t enjoy pointless grinding.

Because if people don’t pay YOU don’t get to keep your mode. If you like the mode, YOU should care that it is effectively sold.

If you think this, that’s certainly fine.

I don’t agree that it’s worth a fraction of the time investment, which is why I don’t play it.

You should hope more people agree with you, but I fear you’re going to be disappointed.

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Um, again, improving the task system means it isn’t pointless grinding and you get solid returns on doing even a single bounty. It’s not grinding. It’s playing the mode. If you feel like it’s grinding, then you probably just don’t like the mode or the game’s style.

Why do you care then? Especially if you don’t even play it. They need to improve the monetization model, but that’s not my concern. Or maybe they don’t, I have no idea what their sales numbers are like.

This isn’t the problem.

Why is this such a difficult thing for you to understand?

The task system in NOT an issue.

You play the same stuff over and over and over and over to collect coins. It’s 100% a grind.

It’s about the most grindy game I have ever seen.

Thank you.

You agree with me.


It is if you want to keep the mode alive.

They wouldn’t be doing this big of an overhaul if everything was hunky dory in merc land.

This is so mind-numblingly, unbelievably ridiculous. It’s not my job to keep the mode alive. What the hell can I do about their monetization model? All I can do is give feedback on whether their paid products are worth it, they’re not, but I don’t need them because the F2P stuff is sufficient for what I do with the mode.

Should I be saying “yes Blizzard please charge me more” or “please make the F2P model (the tasks) less efficient”? Wtf.

Incidentally, this topic is about how bad renown is (which is a way to make the game even more F2P-friendly, when it’s already very F2P friendly). Not about how the shop doesn’t offer good deals.

I mean by that logic… pretty much any F2P model game is a grind. MOBAs are just play the same mode over and over again. Hades, League, whatever.

Again, it literally comes down to whether you enjoy the gameplay. Clearly you don’t.

The mode was delayed and released pretty unfinished honestly.

“nah man, if you don’t enjoy cigarettes, don’t smoke them. It’s not on the company to act in an ethical manner with their product, or any of that. If you feel otherwise, just your FEELINGS bruh. Not like your wasting anything that matters.”

-if there were online smoking forums in the past decades, with that mindset

Funny how companies and those who acted on their behalf have used this very language for as long as companies have been around. If one looked, you’d find people defending the old company stores.

And of course, the empty insults because no substantive response or defense of the company’s predatory monetization (literally what one finds if you scratch the thin surface of mercstone).

Ah this one. And if one were to ask why the ardent defenders of the company care so much…there will eventually be some poor (or none) justification for all this “THE COMPANY IS NOT WRONG FOR THEIR SCUMMY PRACTICES!”

Stop being such a vocal defender of it, for starters.

I’m literally actively criticizing it in this thread. No one should buy packs or the game’s bundles. But the game’s free to play experience is good, if you enjoy playing the game and doing bounties. If you don’t… don’t play it.

So uh, pretty sure playing or spending money on hearthstone mercenaries isn’t going to give you cancer. Just to start this off.

But really, the whole idea of the game being predatory is if the game is actively pricing people out of the game, forcing them to spend money on it or they can’t enjoy it. But in Mercenaries, the game is actively discouraging you from spending money, because it’s not worth it, and in fact doing the free content is far more reliable and a much easier way to earn mercenaries and rank them up than buying packs or bundles is.

Like it’s inept, sure, but it’s inept to the player’s benefit. And the idea that Mercenaries overcharging for products is unethical I really don’t follow. It’s just bad pricing that people won’t or shouldn’t spend money on.

I didn’t put forth a defense of it, because I’m not defending it. But again, it’s not predatory, it’s just bad.

Emphasis added for the key part. There’s always some qualifier, buried in some long winded “mercstone is SOOOOOO good, people.”

And that’s why your so called criticisms can’t be taken seriously.

this is a you <----------------------------------------------> the point

moment. Because you once again spent so much time defending the company’s predatory monetization practices as

Just like all those people who defended the tobacco companies, the company stores, and every other scummy business practice since the dawn of time.

Literally once sentence later:

I’m sure your post would be rated doubleplusgood by the company’s spin department!

Overcharging people for something that isn’t a necessity isn’t predatory, it’s just people aren’t going to spend money on something that’s not worth it or they shouldn’t, and if they are then… I dunno. I try not to spend money on non-essentials that are overpriced, I don’t know why anybody else would. Especially when you can just not pay and get similar rewards.

People decided the game was predatory, and a cheap cash grab before the mode even came out, and they get overemotional and silly about it. It just… isn’t. It’s more F2P friendly than League or standard hearthstone, or a lot of other subscription-service style online games.

All of a sudden…and for no reason. Funny that. OR, or…your blinders are on and it’s predatory.

Now that’s a well thought out and deep response: “muh feelings.” Once again, typical blame the customer for the company’s scummy practices.

Interesting how there isn’t an unqualified denouncement of predatory monetization or the company’s unethical practices, but always the pro company line of “the customer is always wrong.”